Charl Schwartzel Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q. Your first 18 holes at Merion, what's your take?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It's a lot tougher than what they say it is.  There's a lot of holes that are very penalizing.  I missed two fairways and had a sand wedge on.

Q.  How much did the three and a half hour break, did that help, hurt you at all?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I felt pretty good before the break.  But, you know, it is what it is.  I'm sure the guys in the afternoon are going to have another break.

Q.  Phil said this is about as easy as the course is going to play for these four rounds, do you agree?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I would think so.  It's very soft so you can fly it at a lot of the flags, and that sort of thing.

Q.  In terms of ‑‑ obviously everybody talked about how tall the rough was.  How did you do today in terms of keeping it straight in the fairway?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I made three bogeys and that was all missed fairways, so it's very penalizing.  To me it's a maximum of a 9‑iron.

Q.  Do you like this setup?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah, it's tough.  It's good.  Especially with this being soft, there's not much luck involved.  You need to hit quality shots.

Q.  Are you surprised at how the course is playing?  Everybody is talking about a lot of birdies and there just haven't been any?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I never thought there was going to be a lot of birdies.  Even the practice rounds, it's tough.  Everyone was talking about the length of it, it's short.  But the holes that are short, you're hitting 5‑irons on the tee.  There's nothing short about it.

Q.  The guys have been talking about how the conditions have changed every day, are they different today than they were every other day?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  This is pretty much where it was on Tuesday when we played.  It wasn't too difficult.

Q.  What does one do when you have to get started and stop?  Is there rest?  Is there nerves, just what's the emotion while you're waiting out weather?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Sit and play games on your iPhone.

Q.  What's your favorite game?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Pretty good at Angry Birds.

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