Bubba Watson Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

BUBBA WATSON:  Colsaerts played good.  They hit drivers in a lot of spots where I didn't.  I was trying to play safe.

1‑over is not bad for me and Dustin.  But Colsaerts shot 1‑under.  Anything under par is going to be a great score today.

Q.  How many times did you hit driver today?

BUBBA WATSON:  Hit one on 2.  Hit one on 4, 5 and 6, there's four.  And then I hit one on 18.  What's that, five?  And then I hit one somewhere else.

Q.  Is that a challenge?

BUBBA WATSON:  It doesn't matter to me.  Hopefully I can get my irons in the fairway.  I missed a couple of fairways with a 6‑iron today.  It's how the golf course is laid out.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

BUBBA WATSON:  One chip out today.

Q.  Where was it at?


Q.  Were you on the right or the left side?

BUBBA WATSON:  I hit 2‑iron off the tee, about two feet in the rough, and I hit it over the gorge.

Q.  What about Phil flying cross country for his daughter’s graduation and then coming back last night?

BUBBA WATSON:  I think that was very cool.  It was cool to see.  Phil has always been known as a family man.  He's always shown that, always proven that.  That was very neat to do that.

And if I had a plane and I had that ability, I'd probably do that, too (laughter).

Q.  Do you think that Merion is winning so far?

BUBBA WATSON:  Well, there's a couple of guys under par.  By the end of the week Merion is going to win.

Q.  What was the iron you had off 15?

BUBBA WATSON:  15 is ‑‑ what's 15?  That's a dog leg hole?  I hit 4‑iron off that tee.  And I hit 2‑iron off 16.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

BUBBA WATSON:  I had a chip out.  It was into the wind today.  I hit it farther than every day I practiced.

Q.  Do you change your game plan at all from today to tomorrow?

BUBBA WATSON:  Well, it just depends on how the weather is going to be.  No, I'm not going to change my game plan.  The game plan will change, obviously if into the wind, downwind holes, change my strategy a little bit.  I three‑putted because I thought No. 1 was going to be faster than that.  I left it short and three‑putted.

Today on No. 2 with the way the wind was coming, I felt like hitting driver.  Every day I practiced I hit 3‑iron off the tee.  I was going to hit 3‑iron today but the wind felt right and I hit driver and hit up there and made birdie.

Q.  14 through 18 are the hard holes.  Your threesome had a lot of birdie looks on those holes?

BUBBA WATSON:  You've got to look at the wind.  The wind is ‑‑ the wind isn't the normal direction when we played those holes today.  They hit drivers on 15 and Dustin had like 50 yards to the front.  Colsaerts had about 70 yards to the hole.  They hit good shots there.  They hit 3‑woods off the tee on 14, with downwind, so they had 2‑irons in.

16, Dustin hit driver down there with a short wedge in.

17 and 8 are always tough no matter which way the wind is blowing.  They played those holes great.

Q.  How about the rain? Did it soften up the course?

BUBBA WATSON:  No, it was a little soggy.  Obviously it got a little bit wetter.  But it was already a little damp, a little wet.  It was already a little soggy out there.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

BUBBA WATSON:  No, I mean everything got a little slower.  Fairways ‑‑ the ball is not going to roll as far on the fairways.  The ball on the green is going to stop quicker and the putts were a little bit slower.  But that's just normal, no matter what golf course you're at, that's just normal.

Q.  Where did you go during the delay?

BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, we got in our van and made it to the temporary locker room, the big tent, which probably wouldn't be safe in a big storm.  But that's where we went.

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