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Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013

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Q. Talk about your round today, please.

JERRY KELLY: Not the way I wanted to finish, but it wasn't the way I wanted to strike it. I wasn't very committed to my shots. I've only been around one 18 holes here, so it was a little uncomfortable with some of the lines just because I didn't know what am I in if I miss it left here, what am I in if I miss it right. So I wasn't able to do my normal homework. It's just the way it goes. I'll get more comfortable as the week goes on. I have to strike it better than I did today. I didn't hit it very well. But barring double only the last hole, I'm all right with the round.

Q. (No Microphone.)

JERRY KELLY: Well, I know when I'm on a sidehill lie like that that I have to swing shorter. My swing gets flat enough. I get myself ball above the feet, if I go long, I've got no chance of catching up.

And I told my caddie, I've got to hit this really well not to thin it right. And I didn't do what it takes to not thin it right. I need to go a little bit shorter so I can catch up. And that was not knowing what was left of the green. I had no clue if those fence lines were really OB or not and what those bunkers were like. But I just didn't hit it well. And I was dead.

Q. That stretch from 14 to 18 makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Was that the case for you today on those last five holes?

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, totally different wind, so 15 was really strange. It played pretty darn short. I was lucky, I pushed it to the right, but I got in the bunker and the bunker was in great shape.

So very different. I've never seen it with this wind before. Obviously I only seen it one other time, and it was the other wind. So it's a little bit of a learning curve when we have got this kind of preparation beforehand. And I just didn't do it in my mind well enough before this week probably because I didn't have the knowledge to anyway.

Q. How did it happen you only got one round here, rain or just couldn't get in?

JERRY KELLY: I played one 18 hole round where you get a flow. But it kind of rained Monday, so that was it. And then I don't play 18 holes the day before a Major. I'm too old for that, sorry.

Q. There was soft conditions today, a little to no breeze at times, how surprising is it that 9 under is leading right now and guys aren't going low?

JERRY KELLY: You saw where they put the pins, didn't you? Every single one of them was in the back. You can't get to them on soft greens. So you can hit pitching wedges and irons from 80 yards, but you're not going to do that. You're just going to knock it up there and if it spins back, it spins back.

So it was a little deceiving thinking, oh, we had easy pins in the back back there. No. Those are very hard when the course is playing a little shorter.

Q. What did you make of the talk that there could be a winning score this week double digits, crazy talk about guys shooting 62. What did you make of all that?

JERRY KELLY: That was you guys. That wasn't us.

Q. Not all of us?

JERRY KELLY: Well, yeah, there's a few smart ones. But no, we go play the golf course. You guys talk about scores. We don't worry about the scores. We know the conditions are going to be different every single day. You don't know what you're going to get. So it is your job to try and find something to write about in picking a score, we don't pick a score until Sunday.

Q. How do you think course held up with all the rain?

JERRY KELLY: They did a great job. The whole greens crew ought to be commended because it, even after that last little downpour, it's in great shape right now for what they have had.

If we could play the contours of this golf course firm and fast, boy, bring lunch. It will be tough.

Q. What were some of your better saves or short game events today?

JERRY KELLY: 1 through 17, and 18. And then the 18th hole.

Q. I know it's been kind of an up and down year for you, you just got through qualifying and a good round today, what do you think changed recently that keeps you more on track?

JERRY KELLY: I just felt pretty good about my swing coming off the two week break. I just kind of had a little epiphany, a little breakthrough, and it's carried over. I've played well. PLAYERS, at New Orleans, I was in position at a lot of these tournaments. Obviously I didn't finish there. Kind of like this. I've been getting to that point, but I've also been stepping on my own feet quite a bit.

But I'm striking it well, I did start working with Brian Geiberger on my putting and that's been great. I've really enjoyed that.

So it's just  I'm starting to  I know I'm getting older, but I'm starting to feel comfortable and not put as much pressure. But you say that and I'm still going to get as pissed as I always have, so you know.

Q. What did Brian change in your putting or just what are you working on? Was it a small tweak?

JERRY KELLY: I've never been able to get to my left side and putt. He got me on my left side putting. I don't know how, I'm just going with it. I do a little bit, but  

Q. What does a three hour delay do to you?

JERRY KELLY: It gives you the ability to watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master. It's a pretty darn good movie; you should rent it.

Q. Eat, sleep and that's it?

JERRY KELLY: Yeah, that's what we do. It's never great, especially this place, when they give you 25 minutes to warm up and 45 minutes in a cart. But that's kind of the way it is. So we understand that, logistics are difficult out here. We have got to make due, just like everybody's got to make due. So I'm sure you guys are parking a little further away than you would like to too.

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