Tim Clark Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  That stretch of holes, 14 through 18, I watched you play and it didn't seem to take any of your skin off.  Can you talk about that stretch of holes?

TIM CLARK:  Today it wasn't playing horribly long.  I think we had a bit of wind helping.

For me the tough stretch is really 5, that's brutal, and unfortunately I missed my fairways.

Q.  There was speculation that if a big hitter got hot Thursday and Friday, it might be 65 or 62, is there anything like that out there?

TIM CLARK:  There could be.  I shot 70 today and had quite a few putts hit the hole.  On the front I had a couple of chances inside ten feet.  It's possible.  I would have been with two or three under, I think.  I probably played well enough to shoot that.

In order to go to that 5, 6‑under, you just can't make any mistakes.  And there's going to be a bogey or two out there.

Q.  How was the scoring in terms of what was expected?

TIM CLARK:  Probably not as good, I guess.  Everybody thought under par, and there's really not that many guys going that low.

Q.  How do you like your position right now after one day?

TIM CLARK:  It's good.  More importantly just the way I felt like I played and just in control of everything.  Even par and the way I'm playing, I feel comfortable with that.

Q.  Stopping and starting difficult?

TIM CLARK:  It could have been way worse.

Q.  Advantage to be done with it and have a rest period?

TIM CLARK:  Yeah.  If there's more delays, it's not going to be easy.  Certainly nice to get it done in reasonably good conditions.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

TIM CLARK:  No, no, it was pretty smooth.  We were able to hit a few balls.  No, it was pretty easy.

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