Scott Stallings Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Scott, first of all, 1‑over, 71 today.  Tell me about your birdies and your bogeys today.  Can you remember?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  Starting on 1, I birdied 2 and 4 and 8, 9 ‑‑ not 8 ‑‑ and 13 and 16 and I bogeyed 6, 7, 14.  I doubled 17.

Q.  That's not many pars for the day.

SCOTT STALLINGS:  No, that's not.

Q.  How did you think the course played with all the water we had after the break?  How did that impact you today?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  I was very impressed with the way the golf course held up.

It was pretty impressive how dry it was considering how much rain they had.  It was pretty incredible.

Q.  How many drivers did you hit today and tell me your strategy off the tee on some of the shorter holes?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  Hit driver on 4, 5, 6 and 18.  And most of the time I was trying to get it in play.  I did a pretty good job of that for the most part.

I hit it to the rough on 7.  Missed the fairway by a yard.  You don't have to miss it very much to get bad lies and make a bogey.  Other than that it was good.

Q.  How do you feel the greens responded as far as stopping the ball?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  I thought they were fantastic.  They were starting to get a little bumpy as soft as they are and as much rain as we've had, but they held up well.  The green speed was appropriate for what it should have been.

Q.  What did you do during the rain delay?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  Sat and really did nothing.

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