Luke Donald Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Good way to finish, birdie, birdie.  You had the four birdies.

LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, I birdied my last three holes, 11, 12, 13.  Those are kind of the holes you want to make an easy score if you can.

Obviously the weather conditions are making the course a lot softer, and you can attack the pins a little bit more.  So it's playing as gentle as it might play so far, and obviously this afternoon not much wind.  If you were going to make a score, today was a good day.  I've obviously got five holes left and five pretty tough ones to finish, but really happy with the way I started my round.

Q.  Come back with the par‑3 tomorrow, right?

LUKE DONALD:  No, I birdied 13.  I'm at four under.

Q.  Oh, okay.  That's right.  What are your thoughts on your game and how you're shaping up and your mindset going into tomorrow?

LUKE DONALD:  I'm excited to get off to a great start.  I made a great putt on 1, another good birdie on 3, and then just played the holes like they should be played.  I feel like I'm in pretty good control of my game, and it's nice to get off to such a good start.

Q.  Good to come to a course like this and then walk away the first day as a leader?

LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, I've only played two‑thirds of a round, but certainly, yeah.  That's where you want to be.  It's nice to ‑‑ four birdies today, just ‑‑ five birdies, I think I had, and one dropped shot.  And obviously taking advantage of the soft conditions.

Q.  Your thoughts, decent start, then, for you?

LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, really nice start.  Obviously the course ‑‑ if you're ever going to go low I think today was a good day.

The course is soft.  The greens are soft and not as fast as they could be.  And you can took advantage of the holes you want to take advantage of.

Got off to a nice start, obviously, birdied 1 and 3.  3 is like picking up a couple of shots, I made a birdie there.  That was a 4, 3‑wood for me.

Happy with the way I'm playing, giving myself opportunities, didn't get into too much trouble.

Q.  It looked like you sank some nice putts out there.  Are you happy with that?

LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, the greens are a lot slower than we thought they'd be, because of the rain.  And you could be an a bit more aggressive with the stroke.  I saw the lines pretty well today and made some good putts.  So made a long one on 1 and another long one on 3.  And birdies on the last three holes.  It felt nice to make when you give yourself chances.

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