Mathew Goggin Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Talk about your round today.

MATHEW GOGGIN:  I played about six holes, but I got off to ‑‑ I made a par save at the first, and then I got things going and hit a squirrely tee shot off the next and got away with it.

Hit a shot on the 10th fairway, and I played nicely after that.

I hit it stiff on 13 with a sand wedge and got up‑and‑down from just in front of the green.  It was a pretty straightforward chip.

Then hit a great 7‑iron into the next.  Finally started to hit a couple fairways.

Hit a 7‑iron to about three feet on the next and probably only had a 4‑footer there and missed it, but obviously a nice start.  Long way to go.

Q.  How tough a day was it for you today with the weather and everything else?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  It happens all the time if you play enough.  It's probably harder for the kids, the amateurs, and those sort of guys that haven't played on TOUR for a long time.  But we deal with these sort of things all the way from now until the end of summer.  So not a big deal.

Q.  Long day tomorrow?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Yeah, actually it's a good thing though, because if you play well you can get into a nice flow because you get to play, finish your round, go straight back out there and play again.  You're not going home and waiting 12 hours to play your second round.  So you can really use it to your advantage if you get on a roll.

Q.  All things considered, a pretty good start for the first day of the U.S. Open?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Yeah, I'll take it for sure.

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