Webb Simpson Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Describe what you've been able to do so far on a bad weather day.

WEBB SIMPSON:  It was a good start.  Hit some good shots and I think what we have seen all week is just a lot of the same, you got to hit the ball in the fairway, you got to kind of keep it in front of you, keep it under the hole, and I was able to do that.  I've only gotten nine holes in, but game feels good.

Q.  Experience of last year, coming back in the final round to win, how much of that is carried over in how you approach this year's event?

WEBB SIMPSON:  A lot.  Just kind of knowing what to expect.  And the U.S. Open's not that much different than the other Majors, same pressure, just a different style of golf.

So I think last year, I just drew on kind of what I felt, what I experienced, especially in contention.

Q.  I'm sure you would prefer to play 18 straight, but splitting it up like this does it change anything about your approach?  The weather probably going to be a little different tomorrow, do you think differently or do you go as you were planning to go?

WEBB SIMPSON:  I think the only thing I might do is be more patient in my walking.  I tend to walk fast, and 27 holes is going to be a lot.  So I think I just got to be patient and make sure I eat and drink enough, so I'll be fresh.

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