Jim Furyk Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Talk about that then, being here first thing in the morning after not being able to finish today.  What kind of toll does it take?

JIM FURYK:  No, it wasn't a big toll.  I was just sitting around waiting a lot this morning, and the toll's going to be tomorrow.  We'll have to get up really early and I have six holes to finish and then turn around and try to finish the second round.

So logistically this golf course is going to cause some issues.  I'm anxious to see how quick they try and turn us around for the next round.  Whether or not we'll come back here and have a chance to get some food, whether we get a chance to hit some balls, whether we go straight.  The golf course is posing a lot of issues right now.

Q.  What's the biggest problem you think there's going to be here in that turn around sequence and just trying to get 27 or more holes in?

JIM FURYK:  To be honest I can't guess what y'all are ever going to do, so I don't know yet.  I'll tell you tomorrow.

Q.  What about your own prospects for tomorrow?  What do you need to do to stay in the hunt?

JIM FURYK:  Well, I have some difficult holes coming up tomorrow with No. 1 tee, so I've got some difficult holes in.

I'm 2‑over par right now, which is obviously not the spot I wanted to be in.  So I'll to fight through those and try to finish up strong and then get out there and play a good second round.

Q.  The starts and the stops and the starts and the stops, challenging, troubling, part of the game?

JIM FURYK:  Part of golf.  We do it all the time.  So it's really not a big issue.

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