Michael Thompson Thursday

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q.  Just tell me how your round went today so far.

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  I feel like I'm playing well, hitting some fairways, missing some fairways.  Making some putts though, so that's always good.

Q.  How hard is it to have to stop, knowing you're going to tee off at a certain time and have to delay, and then you have to then come back, not finish, and then start in the morning?  Are you used to that?  Is that something that doesn't phase you?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  You never really get used to it.  You can just prepare for it mentally in terms of being patient, understanding, I don't know, that we were at least going to play a little bit today.  So I had to get my mind right in terms of that, in terms of going out and playing.  But it was nice being in the afternoon with the delay and that, I didn't have to come here and wait at the golf course.  I waited at home.

Q.  That's good.  There are a lot more names on the leaderboard right now that played in the afternoon than in the morning, do you think the rain softened up the course?  Do you think ‑‑ you didn't play in the morning, but do you think it played easier than it might have in morning?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  I think it probably played about the same.  I think over the course of a round, 18 holes out here, the course is going to give you some, but it's also going to take it away.  So I think watching this morning I remember where a lot of guys had gone out, 2, 3‑under consistently, and then they started to fall back as they got further into the golf course.  So I think that's probably some of it and probably expect a little bit of that from the afternoon wave, but I feel like I'm playing well and I feel like I can get to 2‑under par, so that's what I'll try to do tomorrow.

Q.  Tonight is what?  Go to bed and get right back out?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Yeah, I got to eat first.  Got to go get some food.

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