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Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

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Q. You talked about the change in conditions out there, but the holes you picked up on, 14, 15, those seemed to be into the wind as opposed to yesterday.

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, a complete switch in wind and obviously a big drop in temperature. So those holes are playing long.

I didn't hit a poor drive on 14, it was still a good drive and it left me probably a 4 or 3 iron into that hole. So very different to yesterday. I'm guessing a lot of the guys were hitting 3 wood and probably a short to mid iron. So it made 14, 15, 17 a lot harder.

Sort of made 16 and 18 easier. That's why it's a little disappointing to come off those two holes making bogey, despite hitting the greens. So, but certainly those last five holes are very, very tough.

Q. A lot of guys have down played the impact of the delays and just going in and out, but is it a little tougher just given the stage?

LUKE DONALD: The tough thing is just where everything is. The delays, it's a little bit more planning and thinking in your head, how much time you have. Because you have to leave yourself a good 20, 30 minutes shuttle ride, so the time you get to the tee it could be 45 minutes before you last hit a shot on the range.

So in that way it's a little bit more demanding, but certainly this year's been fraught with a lot of rain delays, so we have been pretty used to it.

Q. You have a quick turn around. How do you get back to it so quickly after just five holes?

LUKE DONALD: I got no choice. Just get out there, grab something quick to eat, hit a few balls and get out there. I think it's good to have a good turn around, I'll still be warm.

Q. Was it as tough as expected compared to yesterday?

LUKE DONALD: I think everyone thought that as soon as the course got wet it was going to play easy. The scores certainly aren't showing that. The tough holes are extremely tough. It does give you a little bit of balance with some of those shorter holes, but you really need to play those tough ones well.

Q. (No Microphone.)

LUKE DONALD: A little bit of experience. I think that I got a really good look at it last week. Felt like it's a course where it wasn't too demanding in terms of having to hit a lot of drivers. I think that put a lot of irons into my hands off tees and I just felt like it was a little bit more suited to my style of play.

Q. (No Microphone.)

LUKE DONALD: Misreads. I think that I misread both the longer putt and the short putt. Both of them I thought were slightly right to left and they turned three or four feet right to left and then again the short putt again I felt like I made the one on 16 and 18. I thought I hit that soft enough for it to break, but it didn't.

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