Webb Simpson Friday (First Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.  What's the difference in playing an opening round as the defending champion versus a year ago?

WEBB SIMPSON:  This time I was a little more nervous.

Q.  This time, this year you were?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, just because expectation and all that.  But luckily the first hole is not too challenging and I played a really good solid round.  Dropped a couple this morning, but overall happy with my start.  And that's all you kind of want to do on a Thursday at the U.S. Open.

Q.  How did the experience from a year ago inform what you're doing out there a year later?

WEBB SIMPSON:  I think it just instilled in me more that in the U.S. Open you have to be patient.  I think you'll hear guys talk about this all week, but this course never let's up.  Even 13, it had the most birdies yesterday, you still got to think, because you could still mess it up.

For me it's more the case of just being patient.  It's a long week and hopefully I'll keep playing solid.

Q.  We have seen a lot of players in that afternoon wave come back out and not score as well as they were scoring last night and late into the evening.  Why?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Well, two things.  One, it's colder, and, two, the wind's blowing a different direction.  Yesterday or last night when we finished we were having no wind and the ball was going a good ways and we hit some long clubs there coming in.

Q.  71 a very solid start.


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