Rory McIlroy Friday (First Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.        Not the opening round you were hoping for.  Some thoughts on your play.

RORY MCILROY:  Yeah, I felt like I played okay.  I struggled coming in there this morning.  I think the conditions were a little trickier than they were last night.  The wind got up and a couple of the holes were playing quite long.  14 and 17 particularly.

But it's fine.  We're starting again soon and I've got a few chances early on in the round and I want to try and take advantage of those and get it back to even par as soon as possible.  Because there is chances out there if you drive the ball in the fairway.

Q.  You mentioned last night, we were interested in the way you decided to putt out on the 11th green when you could have come back and putted on a freshly money green.  Tiger chose to wait.  You went.  Why?

RORY MCILROY:  I wanted to get it in.  It ended up being the wrong decision.  But I was pretty happy with my play through 11 holes and coming back out this morning I felt like I had a couple of chances on 12 and 13 to maybe get that shot back, but I didn't.  And then the last five holes were obviously very tough.

Q.  Obviously driving the ball in the fairway's absolutely crucial here, are there some tee shots where you're really comfortable and some others where you think, well, I don't quite fancy this one?

RORY MCILROY:  Yeah, I think every golf course is a bit like that.  But I think this week it sort of magnifies that because the trouble is just so penal compared to some other golf courses.

Like, an example is 15.  Scotty hits a great 3‑wood, a little bit off the left, but even if gets in trouble at all, all of a sudden it's out of bounds.  There was a few tee shots out there that you got to be careful with and play quite conservatively and then even if that leaves you a longer shot into the green it's worth it.

Q.  How frustrating a morning was that for you out there?

RORY MCILROY:  Yeah, I guess it was a little bit.  I still felt like I played pretty well.  That stretch coming in is very tough, those last five holes.  I made a couple of bogeys coming in, which wasn't great, but still feel like I played pretty well.  So I've got a chance to go out there this afternoon and shoot a good one and hopefully get right back into this tournament.

Q.  Is this a course where you have to rate your luck a little bit as well.  You got a couple of pretty bad lies yesterday?

RORY MCILROY:  Yeah, I hit in a couple of divots yesterday.  I was in one divot today.  But it's fine, it is what it is.  And as long as you keep putting the ball in the fairway that's the main thing.

Q.  It's obviously very tough out there, you're certainly well in the tournament still and another good score this afternoon will put you right in there?

RORY MCILROY:  For sure.  There's chances out there.  If you hit the ball in the fairway you got opportunities to score and that's what I want to try and do this afternoon.

Q.  Are you just on the edge do you think of really playing well, because it looks like it's there for almost three quarters of a round.

RORY MCILROY:  Yeah, for sure.  I played nicely, I didn't really do much wrong this morning either.  15, I hit my drive a little bit right, got it in the bunker and obviously didn't make par there.  And then 17 and 18 are two of the toughest holes on the course and I think a lot of people were making four on 17 or worse.

And 18 I felt like I hit a good second shot, it just came up a little short in the bunker and it was a tough bunker shot and I didn't quite make the par there.

But it's very close and as I said, I can go out there this afternoon and hopefully give myself a lot of opportunities for birdies and get right back in it.

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