Russell Knox Friday (First Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.        How does this compare to your expectations?

RUSSELL KNOX:  It's mayhem here.  Especially with the weather and the transportation, whatnot, I mean it's unbelievable.  It's as good as I would have ever hoped.

Q.  Somebody thought your sister was a DJ on a Scottish radio station, is that true?

RUSSELL KNOX:  You can't mention that.  She's going to get a big head.  No, she works for one in Glasgow.  She loves her job and she's very good at it.

Q.  1‑under after your first round, are you pleased?

RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, I'm thrilled.  I didn't really know what to expect my first Major, but I knew I was capable of having a nice round and made some nice putts and hung in there.  It's hard though.

Q.  Speaking of putts, I understand that the greens are about a foot and a half faster than they were the previous day.

RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, they're quick.  If you get on the wrong side of the hole, you're in big trouble.  So I was lucky enough to leave myself some makeable putts today, but it's going to be a struggle though.

Q.  Do you expect things to change much as the weather gets dryer?

RUSSELL KNOX:  I still think it's going to play fairly soft and it's pretty wet out there.

But, no, the greens are only going to get harder and the pins are going to be tough and, yeah, it's going to be a real challenge.

Q.  Some players have expressed concern with getting around.  How are you finding it?

RUSSELL KNOX:  It's tough, but I'm definitely not in a position to complain.  My first Major, I'm just thrilled to be here and so you won't hear any complaining out of me.

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