Gavin Hall Friday (First Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.        (No Microphone.)

GAVIN HALL:  The fans got really into it.  They got up and it was a fortunate break for me and it kind of kept the round together.

Q.  Talk about this experience for you.  What it's been like?

GAVIN HALL:  It's been amazing.  Something I always dreamed of as a little kid and definitely feel that the last couple days.  It's been amazing.

Q.  Have you had any "wow" moments and if so, which one so far?

GAVIN HALL:  Playing with Adam.  The first tee there, just to play with him.  And then also that hole out on 8.

Q.  Do you put any added pressure on yourself coming in here?

GAVIN HALL:  No, I don't have any expectations pretty much.  I just want to get, do my best on each and every shot and just grind away, like I always do.

Q.  I understand the greens are about a foot and a half faster today?

GAVIN HALL:  Yeah, definitely.  They have stepped them up a little bit and the course is playing difficult.

Q.  How often does it hit you, whether before you tee off in the clubhouse or on the first tee that you're here playing in the U.S. Open at 18?

GAVIN HALL:  I'm just out here playing golf.  The only different part is there's a lot of spectators.  So I'm getting used to that, but it's a learning process, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Q.  What is the reaction of the crowd as you're walking up the fairway and they see you clearly.  From far away they go, oh, this is just another guy and then you get up close and they say, oh, wait this is an 18 year old kid.

GAVIN HALL:  They're great.  I have a huge support system.  I think I have 30 or 35 friends and family here from Rochester.  Everyone else around here has made this so positive.

Q.  Is your dad caddieing for you?

GAVIN HALL:  No, that's Jeff Sluman's caddie.

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