Graeme McDowell Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.        (No Microphone.)

GRAEME MCDOWELL:  Pretty far over par.  It's that hard, it's that difficult, it's that long.  I'm disappointed, of course.  It's not the way I wanted to play the last couple of days.  But this place is very hard.

Q.  You obviously leave here dejected, obviously, but your form has been good and you're coming into a busy period, Irish Open and then The Open Championship, of course.

GRAEME MCDOWELL:  I'm temporarily dejected.  This game is not about your bad weeks, it's not about ‑‑ of course it's about the major championships, and you're trying to prepare yourself as well as you can coming into weeks like this.

I'll shake it off and I'll get ready for The Open Championship in a few weeks time.  That's my next target.  The Irish Open and the French Open between then.  I'll be competitively sharp going into Muirfield and I'll continue to draw on this season.

I struggled the last couple days, but that's golf and that's the U.S. Open.  And this golf course will do that to you, but it will be a short‑term dejection, but we'll soon check that off and get ready.

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