Adam Scott Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013



Q. Was it a little tougher day than yesterday? What would you say about this round today? Or this day in general, I guess.

ADAM SCOTT: Well, there was a lot of holes and it was tricky this morning when we came out. And I got off on the wrong foot and just struggled to find my rhythm all day. I didn't make the putts I needed to kind of save some shots here and there. And they just slipped away too easily. But that's what can happen if you're just a little bit off.

Q. How different was the golf course today compared to yesterday?

ADAM SCOTT: First thing this morning it was really different. The green speed is significantly faster early in the morning, but it kind of balances out throughout the rest of the day. But today this afternoon, you know it was just like yesterday.

Q. How would you describe to fans who are seeing difficult scores that are out there right now?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, the pin spots are quite tricky, they have gone in quite high places in most of them, I think. To preserve the greens and get the best conditioned part of the greens. Therefore, they're on some pretty severe slopes and makes putting quite tricky and making putts tough.

But it's tough. There's no letup. It doesn't matter how long it is, you've still got to hit it in the fairway, the rough is really penal.

Q. Are you more frustrated about the way this course is set up or the way you're playing?

ADAM SCOTT: I was a little disappointed with the way I played today. Like I said, I just lost my rhythm early this morning when it was a bit cold and windy and just fought with it all day long and the putter kind of cooled off. So I would have liked to make some putts and then you're always happy.

Q. Have you ever seen a rough as brutal as this?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I have. Most years at the U.S. Open it's like this. It's nothing different. But it's thick and it's right next to the fairway. I think we got a bit comfortable with that graduated rough the last few years.

Q. The greens are about a foot and a half faster, would you say, today?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, they were this morning, they're not anymore now. They seemed to slow down. I think the moisture must come back up out of the ground because they do slow down during the day.

Q. You spent a lot of effort and time trying to turn this golf course sometimes thwarted by the weather, can you talk about disappointment if you don't make the cut here after spending all that time trying to prepare for this place?

ADAM SCOTT: Of course it's disappointing if you miss the cut, but I'll deal with that when it happens. I sat around most of the week and not being able to play for that, a lot of guys are in the same boat, so you know, that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Q. You start get going for the first few holes today and come back. Was there any fatigue, anything at all like that?

ADAM SCOTT: No, I mean it was just playing tough this morning. The greens were really fast and that called me out on the footers couple of holes, I think. And then it was just tough conditions early on. But I felt better the rest of the day, just didn't make anything.

Q. What do you think about the viewers being able to phone in rules violations?

ADAM SCOTT: I don't think it's the best thing. I think that probably the rules officials should just watch the coverage and then you don't have any issues.

Q. Does it bother you that for instance a rules violation on Thursday could be called in and then on Friday it could be enforced?

ADAM SCOTT: I don't know if they can that much later in the woke, can they.

Q. (No Microphone.)

ADAM SCOTT: No, you would hope the officials have all that kind of stuff under control.

Q. Do you think that anybody who makes it to the weekend has chance, the way this golf course is playing?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's possible. I mean, I still see those, you know, 4 or 5 unders possible. It's difficult, but it's still possible with it soft. You just have to hit every shot perfect. And for one day, I mean, it is doable.

So someone who just makes the cut could have a great round Saturday and kind of move their way back into the Tournament. I don't see that beyond the realm of possibility, yeah. It's out there, for sure.

Q. Is it difficult to get any kind of momentum going when the conditions are the way they are, ever changing?

ADAM SCOTT: Well, it just makes your, just makes judgment tougher. You have to adjust and sometimes that can be a couple of holes and that costs you a couple of shots. So you do have to adapt well to the changing conditions. But it's the same at any U.S. Open, whether it's wet or dry or anything, it's always something going on.

Q. Hopefully you'll be playing the weekend. If you do and obviously we're going to have sunshine, this course is going to dry out. How will the character of this golf course change?

ADAM SCOTT: To be honest, I think it's too wet to dry. It's just going to be wet over the weekend, but I don't think they can get the course firm and fast, which might be a really good thing, because I can't imagine the scores if it was.

Q. How would you sum up your day?

ADAM SCOTT: Just a little out of sorts. I just lost my rhythm a little bit early this morning and then fought with that all day and it wasn't that bad, really, but I just didn't make the putts to save the shots today.

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