Mathew Goggin Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.  68 yesterday, finished with 74 today.  Plus two for the championship.  You're right in the mix.  How was it out there?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Yeah, the only thing harder than 30 holes of U.S. Open golf on one day is 31 holes.  This is hard.  Mentally it's very difficult.  Any bad tee shot and you're just grinding trying to make a par.  You keep the ball in play.  There's a few shots, there's a few, there's a few sucker pins today on the shorter holes, so it's even harder to take advantage of.

I guess today they were a little bit easier this morning.  So, yeah, I'm pretty happy with 2‑over.  I kind of played okay.  Made a mental error on the par‑3 which led to a double, which was really the only silly mistake that you don't like to make and it's the sort of stuff you got to keep off your scorecard but generally it's not too bad.

Q.  How are the greens?  Are they getting firmer, faster?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Just bumpy towards the end because of so much traffic.  I played 30 holes today, so by the time I get around the back nine, it was getting bumpy.  They still run quite nicely.  And they're still very soft though.

Q.  What's tomorrow, what are you looking forward to?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Not having to play as many holes.

Q.  (No Microphone.)

MATHEW GOGGIN:  It was quite windy and cold this morning and the ball was going nowhere.  It was really soft.  And I hit 3‑woods into the par‑3s.  So it was playing brutally long and even the short holes you can still find yourself with a 4‑wood or 5‑wood into there.  There's some tough holes to escape with pars out there.

Q.  Does it almost cause everyone to chuckle a little bit now than at the beginning of the week?  People were saying this was going to be a birdiefest and 60s were going to be shot, maybe double digits in the red?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  I never felt like that, because the shorter holes you can still make bogey.  Like 1 today, 1's a very difficult hole.  The front left flag, where we practiced all week, you would probably think it wouldn't be there.

Same with 13.  The pin in the right back really soft, dead into the breeze, instead of it being an easy shot, where you can spin it back down the hill towards the hole, all of a sudden you're worried about flying it into the back trap.  So they can do a few subtle changes to make those easier holes a little bit tougher, but then the tough holes are really tough.

Q.  You've had a fair bit of major championship experience now.  What would you say was your predominant thought process when you're out there to salvage around?

MATHEW GOGGIN:  Just to relax and try not to do anything stupid.  I mean just take bogeys.  It's a long day, you're going to make mistakes, and it's not really to get too fuss dollars about it.  It's a long week.  You got to stop yourself from getting over the top.

You get in here and you're in a hole today like 6, I think it was, or 7, the flag in the left there and you hit it in the middle of the fairway and you feel pretty good about it and you want to hit it pretty tight.  But it's just a stupid shot.  Par's a great score on some holes and so you need to think about that.

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