Gavin Hall Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.  (No microphone)

GAVIN HALL:  It was great.  I think that's the loudest roar I ever had before.  Fortunately enough it went in and just another memory that I'll remember from this week.  It was just a great week, great learning experience and happy to be here.

Q.  Did you ‑‑ were you thinking, okay, maybe that will turn things around a bit and give you the jump start to the round?

GAVIN HALL:  I thought so, because I made that putt on 9 to finish at 73, but I didn't make it on 10.  But I still thought 4‑over was a good number for my first round.  And then I would have had to shoot something pretty good on my second nine.  And both my front nines killed me this week, so just couldn't put two nines together.

Q.  What happened on 10?  The second time.

GAVIN HALL:  I had a bunker shot and just didn't execute on a few shots and missed some putts.

Q.  Your name was on the top half of the leaderboard overnight.  Did you get a chance to watch any, did you watch any TV where you were on the first page of the leaderboard?

GAVIN HALL:  No, I didn't really see anything.  We got done so late that I went to bed pretty early.  I just wanted to play well today, and a little disappointed I didn't play that great.  But I've got a busy summer and looking forward to amateur events and working on my game and trying to always improve.

Q.  Do you think this week the last two days specifically showed you something that you needed to work on?

GAVIN HALL:  Absolutely.

Q.  What do you think you need to work on?

GAVIN HALL:  A lot has to do with my long game.  Just making sure you put your ‑‑ you play a U.S. Open golf course, your flaws are going to get exposed.  And I didn't drive it well today and I didn't hit my irons too great.  So those two things, if I clean those up, I think I'll be in a good place.

Q.  Remind me of your next tournament.

GAVIN HALL:  I'll be playing in the PLAYERS Amateur.

Q.  The disappointment is obvious, but it's the U.S. Open.  There's a lot of people who would like to be here right now?

GAVIN HALL:  Yeah, exactly.  And I think that's a special place, a special tournament to play in and for me to play in this at such a young age is a great learning experience and it's just a great tournament to kick off the summer.  And I've gotten exposed to a lot of things and I have a lot to work on, but I still feel like if I clean up some things in my game, I belong out here.

Q.  Do you leave right now going through your mind, are there what ifs or are you kind of kicking yourself for shots or are you thinking, this was so great?

GAVIN HALL:  Everyone has what ifs after a round, so I had a few big numbers that I needed to eliminate and I didn't, but just proud of the way I hung in there at the end and had a good back nine.  Just didn't put two rounds together, didn't put two nines together and that's what you need on a U.S. Open Thursday and Friday rounds.

Q.  Was there anything last night that, you birdied two of the first five holes, are you kind of thinking ‑‑ is there a little too much excitement or ‑‑

GAVIN HALL:  No, no.  I try to stay even keel as best as I can.  To get off to a great start was good and birdieing the first hole was definitely a big hole for me and just a step in the right direction.

Q.  Did you keep that ball or anything?

GAVIN HALL:  No, I kept the one I made on 8.

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