Russell Knox Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.  Tell us about your round today.

RUSSELL KNOX:  It's not often you flush it and shoot 5‑over.  It was as tough a course as I've ever played.  This morning I played nice and holed some nice putts, and this afternoon I holed nothing.

Then once some bad things happen, you get in the rough with a bad lie and you three putt.  It is very difficult.  I'm trying hard not to be mad at myself for shooting 5‑over because I feel like I played pretty good.

At one point I looked up and there was one person under par. You are so used to being under par and then when you are over par and it’s still pretty good.  It is tough on your mind.  I didn't get down on myself because if you do you can train wreck and end up missing the cut, so I'm proud of myself.  Getting down on myself is one of my weak areas, but you can’t do that here because the course is so difficult.  Being so difficult has helped me.  Every shot requires 100 percent of your attention.

I feel like I have been playing well and could have a good week at any moment.  Hopefully it can be tis weekend.  Let’s be honest, making the cut was the main thing.  Finishing on a birdie was nice.  The only one of the round.  It was one of those days, the time I hit good shots I missed the putts.  So I hit a nice wedge in there on the last hole and had a straight in putt.  The greens are very difficult, very difficult and they are getting superfast with the pins in tough spots.  I didn’t know where the cut was.  When I was 5‑over, I knew I didn’t want to lose another shot but I tried not to think about it.  Making that birdie on the last certainly made it a good day though.

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