Webb Simpson Friday (Second Round)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.   (Inaudible.) 

WEBB SIMPSON:  A little bit.  The greens are ‑‑ the holes earlier today, they were faster than they were this afternoon.

It was hard for me to get the pace the second 18.  I thought they would remain quicker but they weren't.  And most of them were soft.  And we saw a few bounces this morning.  So it was tough to kind of gauge throughout the day.

Q.  Did the conditions change at all during the day?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It was cold this morning and it rained a little bit and the wind pretty much stayed the same all day.  But the ball started going a little further the second 18.

Q.  Talk about patience and nerves, how were they today?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It's harder to stay patient when you're not playing well or not scoring well.

I tried to hang in there.  I hit some really good putts coming in that hit the lip.  I've had more lip outs the last few days than I've had at any point in my career.  So hopefully on the weekend they'll start falling.

Q.  How much pressure is there to make birdies on the birdie holes?  Does that add to it, make it tougher?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Not really.  They're still tough holes.  You've still got to hit good quality shots.  There's no easy hole out here.

Usually at a couple U.S. Opens you'll have a couple holes you can really score.  Out here it's not as easy as people think.

I heard 15‑, 16‑under floating around.  And it's going to be a normal U.S. Open winning score, I think.

Q.  When you first came out here and saw this place, what has changed since then?  Is there anything that you're going back and saying I thought it was more like this?

WEBB SIMPSON:  No, it's one of those things that I knew if it played firm it was going to play completely different and soft.  Hopefully this weekend it will dry out, because I think the golf course plays better a little more firm.  You've got to think a little bit more.  Hopefully we'll see some dry weather.

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