Cheng-Tsung Pan Second Round Friday

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q.  What an incredible performance out there.  Describe what you were able to do on a very difficult course?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  Well, I just trying to hit good shots each time.  I mean, in the morning I saw the scores were high.  I knew the scoring was going to be tough.  And I felt the wind pick up and greens were going to be firmer and faster.  So I just trying to remind myself just try to hit a good shot each time, even if I made a bogey, just forget it and then just continue, because sometimes a bogey is not bad.

Q.  You're a young guy.  You don't seem to be fazed in a major championship.  You've played Augusta two times?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  Augusta?  No.

Q.  No, you didn't.  I apologize, I thought you played a Masters.


Q.  You're not fazed by this major championship atmosphere?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  This atmosphere here is great.  I came to the U.S. Open 2011 and I just fell in love with this kind of atmosphere.  Personally I feel I belong to that kind of place.  I'm not saying I'm good enough, but I love this kind of feeling and the competition is great.  I just want to be here always.

Q.  It was Congressional.


Q.  You had some experience on U.S. Open courses?


Q.  How happy are you with the way you're able to get around this golf course?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  I'm really happy with my performance.  I mean 2‑under ‑‑ I think that's a good score for me and I'm very satisfied with my performance this afternoon.  And I still have 45 holes to go.  I've got lots of work to do and I need to finish it.

Q.  Tomorrow, just talk about the fact that you do have to come out, go out and play quite a bit.  Does that phase you at all or are you comfortable with that?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  It's just something you've got to do.  If you've got to do it, you better finish well.

Q.  Yesterday you had a good start and then the back nine got you back a little bit.  What did you learn yesterday that you can take into tomorrow?

CHENG‑TSUNG PAN:  The course is hard.  It's narrow.  Well, the only way to score on this course is ‑‑ you've just got to hit a really good shot and if you don't you will get penalized.  And that's what I'm trying to do is hit a good shot each time.

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