Nicolas Colsaerts Second Round Friday

Friday, June 14, 2013

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  You really need your rubber gloves.  So, yeah, I'm not surprised to see it really went crazy.  What's the lowest round today, 3‑under?  And it's the only one, really.  I thought it was a bit tougher than yesterday.

Q.  Going into the weekend, can you talk about your mindset?  You're in good position, you do not have to come back tomorrow morning?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Yeah, of course.  Well, I just want to play the same.  My putting is holding on.  I'm making good putts.  I still feel like I left a few out there.  The key is to keep the ball in position, miss on the right side, give yourself opportunities all the time either for birdie or par.  And I thought I did that pretty well today under the conditions.

Q.  And the conditions tomorrow ‑‑ it's supposed to stay dry for the weekend.  Cross your fingers.  What effect do you think that would have on the way this course is playing?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, yeah, there's no doubt that the better the weather, the firmer it's going to play.  Fairways, you don't really think that fairways are going to get bouncy.  But greens are the main thing that the nice weather is going to change.

So, yeah, if you read the greens right, if you've got the speed all right, even if they go faster, that's pretty much the only thing that you need to do right or to change from the first two rounds.

Q.  Birdie putt on 18, what did you see there?  What would it have meant to make that putt?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  It's one that you don't want to run that far past.  It's a pretty fast putt whenever you are on the right of the hole, which is the sensible shot on the fairway.  I wasn't going to give it the full go.  But, yeah, of course, making it on the last would have been a bit of a bonus because I felt like I probably deserved just a 1‑over.  2‑over is okay, of course, but just one shot less would have been a bit sweeter.

Q.  Did you feel rushed at all to get the round in?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Not really, because we got on the clock for a bunch of holes in the middle of the round.  The last couple of holes we were cruising, considering how we had to run when we were on the clock.  It's obviously a lot nicer if you can get a round in and make sure you've got all your stuff in the morning.

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