Henrik Stenson Saturday (Second Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

HENRIK STENSON:  It's never a bad thing to shoot in the 60s at the U.S. Open.  I'm very pleased with that.  I hit more fairways yesterday and today, I guess.  I just made a couple of nice putts and tried to play smartly, short of the hole all the time.  If I'm in bad position, make sure that the next one is at least going to come up the hill to give myself a chance to save par.

In the first round, I had a couple of times I was in trouble and I more or less played my pitch sideways to give myself a 12, 15‑footer uphill.  I made two or three par saves there.  It wouldn't have been better if I had gone for it.  That way I didn't bring in the high numbers.  You can accept losing one, but two is too hard to make up around here.

Made a nice birdie on 2.

Scrambled for par on 3 and 4 before they called it.

And on 5, made it on the fairway, poor second shot.  But I was in between clubs.  I came up short.  Made a lovely pitch and almost hold it.  Made another par on hole 5.

And made a couple of pars, outside 15‑footers, on 7 and 8 for birdie to get those to drop.  Hit a poor shot on 8, it went in the water.  I got a little pitch there from about 20 yards and made a lovely pitch up to three or four feet to save bogey.

And then put myself in a good spot short right of the green on 10.  And I was seven yards short of the green, so I guess I had a 40‑yard putt, but decided to roll it.  And rolled it up to about eight feet and made that one for birdie.

Q.  Nice way to finish?

HENRIK STENSON:  I got back what I missed.  I'm walking after eight or nine happy with a bogey because I hit a bad shot and put myself in trouble, but again only got one shot.  But it's good.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, there's still a long way to go.  I'm just going to try to do the same thing.  It feels okay, not fantastic.  I told the Swedish press yesterday it wasn't fantastic or anything.  I took my chances when I had them and managed to save par when I was in trouble and kept it from running away, that's what you need to do around these courses under these conditions.

Q.  Has it been as difficult as you expected out there?

HENRIK STENSON:  I think.  First we talked a lot about it was ‑‑ that it was going to be much lower, potentially.  I might not always agree a hundred percent on 260‑yard par‑3s.  I think all the good par‑3s are the shorter ones.  But the USGA set up the course in a way that someone shoots a couple under or a couple over and the tough guys are around par.  That's good to be able to get a course to play that way.

I thought when it got this soft it's almost like you bring another dimension in, you really need to control your ball flight and spin more than anything.

Yesterday I got smacked on a hundred yards to the pin.  It's on the side of the hill and wind in off the right and I'm trying to slice a 52 up against the wind with not too much spin, otherwise you might throw a 58 and land it, boom, by the pin.  But if you have too much thin, you're on the wrong tier or whatever.  So you've got to plug your way around a little bit.  A good shot might be 20 feet or 15 feet away, which is not the way we play every week.

Q.  How do you like your chances entering Round 3?

HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, I'm in a good position there.  But, like I said, there's so many guys out there and so long a way to go.  But I'm happy.  I shot 4‑over the first day with a disappointing finish.  I thought 2‑over would have been a fair score with the way I played the first day, ended up at 4‑over.  Managed to make that up during the second round.

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