Jay Don Blake Saturday (Second Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.        (No Microphone.)

JAY DON BLAKE:  I don't know any of the guys walking in and out of the locker room.  There was a dozen, maybe, that I kind of knew.  Like Jerry Kelly right there just walked out from the scorer's area.  So there's a few faces that I remember that some of the guys remember me also.

But other than that, I have seen some of the kids walking in there, even seeing the name I didn't even know some of the names either.  So it's pretty interesting.  It's kind of neat though.

Q.  Expound on that a little bit.  You've seen a lot of golf and what stage is it now in terms of how your game was and what you have to do now to play compete in on this TOUR?

JAY DON BLAKE:  I think if I was, I mean, I didn't feel like I really hit it that well.  I was okay, never really scored that well.  Seemed to hit some fairways.

But I couldn't really execute some shots to make birdies and I got on the defensive, is what it was.  And then yesterday and finishing up today it just seemed like I'd miss the fairway by a yard and that's kind of the worst place, because that's the thick, thick stuff and juicy and you can't hit it very far.

And then I just always was on the defense every time and trying to ‑‑ then I got kind of guiding some shots out there, I had a little bit of confidence, if I would have got and developed some confidence with the shots, I think I would have been able to play a lot better.  And just you get playing defensive.  It's tough to play.

When you got that look of a good shot and executing a good shot, it's easier to pull off than seeing a shot where there's trouble left, trouble right, hard to swing it with confidence.

Q.  Once that cycle begins, it just really kind of snowballs on you, doesn't it?

JAY DON BLAKE:  It does.  And then your mind gets wandering, your mind gets side tracked.  When I missed a putt from about a foot and a half and then ended up missing one that come from four foot and ended up four‑putting and just, you don't do that when you're mentally prepared and mentally tough.  And it just, I come out and wanted to, I mean I was 11‑over, I thought if I made a few birdies, see what happens, have some fun and it will be respectable.

But come out and make the triple on the second hole right out of the box and then your mindset kind of goes a different direction.  But I don't know, I feel like everybody says a short golf course, playing with the guys, it's a long golf course.  It played long.  And I feel like I hit it far enough to play out here too, if I was to come out and play regularly, I feel like that I could possibly kind of hold my own.  I wouldn't shy away a little bit.

Q.  Given that you're going to be walking away from this golf course, what's your mind going to tell you about Merion and what you did here and maybe something different might have produced a different outcome.

JAY DON BLAKE:  Well, I don't know if it's ‑‑ I mean totally respect for the golf course, obviously.  I'm not sure about the respect I have for the USGA.  But that's what they do.  They make it tough, they make it pretty brutal, pretty penalizing, they put some pins in some spots that you're hitting it 220 yards and you got to hit it in about a five or eight foot area.

And if you miss that area, then you're down a valley and into a bunker.  And so it's so precise that you have to, the shots you have to hit in and that.  But that's why they call it the U.S. Open is because they want to test the ability of the greatest golfers out here and that's what they're doing.  And they have done a good job.

Q.  Would you like to try this again at Pinehurst in 2014?

JAY DON BLAKE:  I would love to.  I would love for a little bit of revenge.  I got a little taste of it out here again and like I said, I don't feel like my game's that far off to where I could play out here if I get a little bit of confidence and kind of get a little bit ‑‑ I got nervous, I was pretty tense, put a lot of pressure on myself, because, I mean, I felt like I could play pretty well.  If I had executed the shots, I felt like I would be a pretty good contender.  So, but it just didn't work out and kind of got behind the defensive side and played cautious and then you don't hit good shots doing that.

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