Michael Kim Saturday (Second Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  Comment on your round.

MICHAEL KIM:  Yesterday I was 2‑under going to the suspension.  I had a par chip on 4.  I actually made an 8‑footer for par on 4.  I putted really well today and yesterday, and I'm in good position.

Q.  Are you surprised with where you are after two rounds?

MICHAEL KIM:  Yeah.  I didn't really expect to be ‑‑ I think I was in 13th last time I checked.  It's pretty cool.

Q.  Did you check the leaderboards at all?  Obviously the numbers in Round 2 are going up and up.  You had one of the best four or five rounds today?

MICHAEL KIM:  Yeah, I didn't really check.  I checked last night.  And these leaderboards, they mostly show the leaders like Donald and Horschel.  So I didn't really see it.  I mean, I just tried to focus on my game and that's about it.

Q.  How is the course playing?

MICHAEL KIM:  It's tough.  You miss the fairway, you're lucky to hit it on the green.  The pin locations are getting pretty tricky and the greens are speeding up.

Q.  Is being low amateur a goal of yours?

MICHAEL KIM:  Yeah, obviously Pan is doing well right now.  We have a few more rounds to go.  So I could get last.  You just don't know.

Q.  What are your thoughts heading into this afternoon?

MICHAEL KIM:  Just the same thing.  One shot at a time and trying to hit as many fairways as possible.

Q.  What has been the key to your success the first two rounds?

MICHAEL KIM:  Just been really steady.  Hitting a decent amount of fairways and greens.  I've been putting pretty well.  These greens are really tricky.  And I think putting is one of my strengths and it's been working so far.

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