Harold Varner III Saturday

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  Well you got it in the books.

HAROLD VARNER, III:  Yeah, it's done.

Q.  Talk about the experience.

HAROLD VARNER, III:  It was good.  It was good.  It was fun.  Just didn't play good.  So I'll go work on the positives and move on.  I got a Monday qualifier on Monday, so I can't really worry about the past now.  So it's good.  It's good.  It's a lot of fun.  I can't wait to play in more of them.

Q.  What are the positives?

HAROLD VARNER, III:  Just being able to know how the course is set up.  It's just so difficult.  You just don't have to do anything crazy or outside the realm to compete out here.  Just got to think about it a little longer, but that's what I would take off the start right now.  It was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed it.

Q.  It would be so easy to get frustrated because, being a competitor, of course you want to do your best given it's a U.S. Open stage, does that sort of temper your feelings or is it still, well, I didn't play well, no matter what?

HAROLD VARNER, III:  It doesn't matter.  I didn't play well.  I know I'm good enough to compete and I didn't rise to the occasion.  So I got to just keep working at it.  Something's going to work out, something good's going to happen again and I just need to be ready for it when it happens again.

Q.  Was there anything, going back to your days with the First Tee program, that sort of drifted into your thoughts or your efforts while you were playing?

HAROLD VARNER, III:  I would probably say the number of people.  When I played in the Walmart First Tee there was a lot of people and then I played in the one Web.com in Charlotte and just seeing that many people, but this week was obviously like a circus.  It was unbelievable.

Q.  So what's ahead for you?

HAROLD VARNER, III:  I got a Monday qualifier on Monday in Raleigh for the Web.com and then I'll just hopefully get in there.  If not, I'll play the e‑golf in North Carolina.  So I'll get in the car first though and just get to driving.

Q.  For real.  Last question:  What do you see ahead long‑term?  What, have the goals changed or the goals still the same?

HAROLD VARNER, III:  The goals stay the same.  I just got to figure out a way to get better.  Nothing changes because you lost.  You don't change your plan.  I still want to play on the PGA TOUR and I still think I can.  I'm only 22, and I'm going to keep working at it.

I'm probably more determined now than I was before I teed off this week.  Because you feel good when you tee off, you're like, I made it, I did my part, but it's just harder than what people think it is.  And I'll figure it out.  It's just hard work pays off.  You're not going to be successful without it.  And I'll just keep working hard.  I don't know when my break will come, but when it comes, I'll be ready.

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