Matt Weibring Saturday (Second Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  You just made the cut, how do you feel?

MATT WEIBRING:  I feel good.  I haven't played ‑‑ this is my first golf tournament in two and a half months.  I've been sick with Bell's palsy the last two and a half months, so I was happy just to be here, just to be back playing.  And I hung in there, and I did what I had to do.  It's hard out there.

I finally made a birdie putt on 9, and then hit two good shots on 10, then just missed another birdie.  But good enough to sneak in and play the weekend.  So I'm excited.

Q.  How many times did your dad play the U.S. Open?

MATT WEIBRING:  15, 18 times.  He loved the U.S. Open.  He drove it straight, it was right up his alley.  He put the ball in play and plodded his way around the golf course.

Q.  With your Bell's palsy, did you practice during that time, were you able to practice?

MATT WEIBRING:  I couldn't.

Q.  Was it your arm?

MATT WEIBRING:  Well, your eye, your right side of your face gets paralyzed so you can't close or blink your eye or anything.  It's hard being outside because if the wind blows and stuff you feel dizzy and disoriented.  I didn't practice.

I practiced a couple weeks leading up to the qualifier, and I just was really playing just to try to get a couple competitive rounds and get ready to play on TOUR in a couple weeks or so.  And I just kind of ‑‑ you know sometimes you go out after you've been sick and shoot good and I tied for medalist and here I am.  So I'm excited.

Q.  Where did you qualify locally?

MATT WEIBRING:  In Dallas.  Locally?

Q.  Sectionally.  Sectionally.

MATT WEIBRING:  Dallas.  I was exempt into sectionals.  So it was Dallas.

Q.  Well, good luck on the weekend.

MATT WEIBRING:  Thank you.

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