Charley Hoffman Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  I think that you won everyone over when you threw the ball in the stands?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Yeah, I just wanted to get rid of that ball.  It was going everywhere and it finally ended up in the hole.  Hopefully someone got a nice souvenir there.

Q.  How were the conditions out there today compared to the last couple of days?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Well, I think it was good.  It was starting to firm up a little bit.  All in all you were able to get at it today.  There were some funky pins.  You expect that with a USGA event.  I can make birdies, but you can make bogeys fast.

Q.  Are you hoping Mike Davis is in a good mood?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I think I need him to be in a bad mood.  A couple of guys are playing under par, I'm quite a ways back, so I need some funky pins and a little bit of luck.

Q.  Overall your experience here at Merion, this course is extremely tough.  How about the crowd?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You know what, the golf course is second to none, really.  Logistics and walking around are a little tough.  But the crowd, the golf course, it's fun to be out here.

Q.  Do you think even par could win this thing?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  Oh, 100 percent.  I bogeyed the last three holes without winking an eye, so it can happen real fast.

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