Jason Day Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  Do you feel like this is almost a continuation of your Masters?

JASON DAY:  I think I've come off some pretty average golf lately and I needed to pump myself up for this week and get in as early as I could to prepare for this week because I knew that it was going to be tough.

Really, the majors are kind of where it's at.  I think that it really defines a career and if you can win as many as you can.  It just goes to show, I mean, you're playing against the best players in the world at the highest level on the toughest golf course, courses, and I think that I just really enjoy playing in front of a lot of people and playing against the best.

Q.  You're playing well, John's playing well, Matt Goggin is playing well.  How do you explain all of you guys playing so well?

JASON DAY:  I don't know.  John's been playing great for the last couple of years and he's it kind of suits him because he is a ball striker, he hits it very straight, hits a lot of fairways, hits a lot of greens.  Once he gets that putter rolling, he can be very hot with that.

But not too sure.  I think that overall we just have to stay patient.  Can't really tell you why Aussies are doing pretty well.  There's only maybe a handful of us, and we did pretty well in the Masters and hopefully we can do well this week.

Q.  What were the shots that gave you the momentum back after the two bogeys?

JASON DAY:  I think that it was more my mental game that kind of got me the momentum back.  It's very frustrating when you're out there and you drop a couple like on 5 and 6, especially when you leave yourself a decent putt for par on 6 and you miss it low and pretty much hit it about the same putt past.

I just told myself that I just need to stay patient.  Just like me, people are going to make mistakes and I got to be strong and I got to keep moving on.

And then once I got to 10, I hit a nice 2‑iron out there and hit my chip a little bit far past, but rolled that in nicely.

Q.  What was the risk/reward at 10 today compared to earlier?

JASON DAY:  I hit 2‑iron just short of pin high there.  So I mean I feel like I'm one of the longer guys so that I could hit iron.  The two guys in my group hit 3‑wood.  I think the way they set the course up was actually fun.

There was opportunity out there to shoot a good number, but there was still a lot of respect for the golf holes, because with how firm and fast the greens are getting now, you have to still give the holes respect.

Q.  You've been in contention at majors before, you jumped several players today with your round today, how do you keep that going into tomorrow and get yourself back up to the top of the leaderboard?

JASON DAY:  I think that the first thing that I need to do is just get home and spend some time with the family and get some rest.  Waking up at five o'clock, it's been a long day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm really pumped about it and I think I got to just stay kind of neutral, real level headed through tonight and get into tomorrow.

Not really thinking about too much of it, because I don't know what's going to happen for the rest of the day, I don't know how far Charl will be in front, so once I get back and have some rest and get into tomorrow, I just got to do the same as I have the last three days, just stay patient, give myself opportunities and hopefully they will fall.

Q.  Granted you weren't even born when David Graham won here, but what would it mean for you to win and win another Australian won here the last time?

JASON DAY:  Well, it's a good start to the Aussie Grand Slam.  That would be really nice.

I think that Australian golf is in good shape right now, especially with how everyone's playing.  Goggin and Senden this week are playing great.  It would mean the world to me if I could win my first Major here.  I've had a couple of opportunities to win before, but to actually win on I think one of the toughest U.S. Opens that I've ever played.  I only played three, but from looking at the past I think this is one of the toughest U.S. Opens I've ever seen.  To know that my game is good enough to compete and win out here on this golf course would be great.

Q.  You said you like playing in front of the big crowds and in front of ‑‑ how do you think that helps you in majors?  A lot of people when they haven't been under those conditions before, they kind of wilt.  How do you feel like that helps you?

JASON DAY:  I just think that it's experience.  It's just I've played in front of some big crowds now and I think the experience from there has helped and I think that in Majors the people are close but it seems so far away because there's a lot of rough between us and the actual fans.  And I just really enjoy the competition.  Knowing that have I to step up and compete and play against the best is, it just gets me going.

Q.  Yesterday a lot of tough pin positions, how did you assess the course setup today for the third round after the turn?

JASON DAY:  There were a lot of ‑‑ I'm going to say there was a lot of pins that were accessible.  And how they set the course up was like I said before, I think it was fair and I think it was very fun to play.

Saying that, I actually hit the ball pretty good and gave myself a lot of opportunities, unlike some other players that have probably struggled today.

But I think that the way they set the course up was, it was fun.  Even though there were accessible pins, I think that it was still playing tough and you just have to keep your respect out there and just keep plugging away and that's pretty much all I did.

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