Webb Simpson Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  What's it like to work on Father's Day?

WEBB SIMPSON:  To work on Father's Day?

Q.  Because you've got to do it all the time.

WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  I guess it's cool.  Any Father's Day, it doesn't really have to be work.  But I'll just reflect a lot about my dad and how important he's been to me.

And then obviously thinking about my two kids to this point, how special that is.  It will be a good day.  Hard to have a bad day tomorrow.

Q.  Defending your title on a course like this, how tough has this course been?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It's been tough.  It's been exactly what I figured it would be, very challenging, very penal.  Pins are maybe a little harder than I thought they would be.  But I think score‑wise, they're dialing it in perfectly.

Q.  Do you think even par could win this thing?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Absolutely.  I think anything 1‑under to 1‑over, kind of right in there, would be a good call.

Q.  Do you think tomorrow will be the toughest day for the course?  Has it dried out completely yet?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Well, I don't necessarily think dry is harder, because the course has played so long that ‑‑ example, 18 I hit the same club as I did the first two days and we were 25 yards back, and that's attributable to it being drier.  Around the greens it might be harder, but that's about it.

Q.  There's a 19‑year‑old amateur playing in his first U.S. Open he's tied for 6th right now.  What do you make of that?

WEBB SIMPSON: It's incredible.  If it was his first tournament on Tour at an easy golf course it would be remarkable, but to do it here, to handle the pressure is great.  And I'm happy for him.

Q.  When you came up here I'm sure you heard about the great Philly fans and the passion.  How have the fans been this week?

WEBB SIMPSON:  They've been great.  I was glad I said about what I said about loving Merion, a lot of them picked up on that.  It's been fun to hear that.  They're great.  They're knowledgeable.  They understand golf.  They were cheering for pretty much anything.

Q.  Mike Davis said this might be the easiest day to score and might let some players get back in the tournament.  How did you find the conditions today and did it seem like the most accessible day?

WEBB SIMPSON:  No, it did not.  I think yesterday's pins were the hardest.  Today's were the next.  I think the easiest round was the first round.

I don't know what the scores are doing, but I don't think you'll have anymore under par rounds than you had.


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