Sergio Garcia Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  You can make a 10 on one hole and go all pars and three birdies?

SERGIO GARCIA:  Well what does that say about my game that I can make a 10?  Forget about the rest.


I don't know, obviously you try ‑‑ funny enough, when I made an 8 on Thursday I hit a lot of bad shots.  Funny enough, I only hit one bad shot today and I made 10.  My first shot was into the wind and it went out of bounds.  My second one I thought it was even better and it went out of bounds by five inches.  And then the third one wasn't great.  And after that I took a chance and the round came out nicely.

Q.  Did you stay with the same club on 15?


Q.  What club was that, Sergio?


Q.  That hole, does it just like, inside, does it just break you when something like that happens?

SERGIO GARCIA:  No, not at all.  I think that a 10 is just a 10, nothing more than that.

Q.  How tough is this course?  It's a short course and very few people are shooting under par?

SERGIO GARCIA:  Well, it's not really a short course.  I mean it has ‑‑ it obviously has four or five holes that are short, but par‑3s are very long.  And you have ‑‑ the par‑5 was shorter.  You have a lot of ‑‑ you have a very long par‑5 there and probably at least I would say five long par‑4s ‑‑ it's not like straight forward, doglegs, and they're hard to play well and to score on them.

Q.  What are your thoughts on Philadelphia and the fans.

SERGIO GARCIA:  They've been good.

Q.  Once on television we heard a fan yell out something.  Were you mentally prepared for dealing with anything from the fans?

SERGIO GARCIA:  Yeah, I think that it was a possibility.  Like I said on the first day, for the most part they've been very good.  Obviously there's a little group that are trying to be funny and stand out.  And they shout a little bit louder than the rest.

But the only thing I have to say is they're not very, how you say it, like the things they yell, they're very common.  They're not very creative, how may I say?

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