Tiger Woods Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  Tough day.

TIGER WOODS:  Yeah, at least I started well.

Q.  What dried up?  Where were the birdies out there for you?

TIGER WOODS:  They were at the first hole.  That was it.

Q.  You did pretty well yesterday; today it just didn't work?

TIGER WOODS:  No, I didn't make anything today.  I just couldn't get a feel for them, some putts were slow, some were fast and I had a tough time getting my speed right.

Q.  Do you have a feeling for why you are not putting as well you did five, six, seven years ago?

TIGER WOODS:  I think I was leading the TOUR the last couple weeks.  I don't know what you're talking about.

Q.  Well, but at majors you're not putting at majors as well as you used to, do you feel?


Q.  Do you feel like the course is set up to reward good shots and to give you a chance to be aggressive at certain times?

TIGER WOODS:  At certain times.  There's some difficult pins out there.  A couple of them are on ridges or are very close, you got to really position your shots well.  If you leave yourself in the correct spots, you can be pretty aggressive with some putts and they're not that fast uphill into the grain.  So if you put yourself in a correct spot, you can really take a pretty good run at it and be aggressive.  But if you put the ball in the wrong spots, yeah, it's tough to make putts.

Q.  Other than that bad week at Memorial, and as you said the other day, it's a bad week, we all have bad weeks, but you've been playing so well and so consistently and when you're playing that well and you come here and after today, is it that much more disappointing?

TIGER WOODS:  It is certainly frustrating because I certainly was feeling like I was playing well this week and I just didn't make the putts I needed to make.

The first two days, I had like three 3‑putts and I was four shots off the lead, and I missed a boatload of putts within 10 feet.  So I really wasn't that far off.  If I clean up the round and don't 3‑putt, I'm one shot back starting out today.

So it just basically I just didn't have the speed right this week and it certainly showed.

Q.  Is this as penal a U.S. Open setup as you've played?

TIGER WOODS:  Most definitely.  Because of the pins, I think.  The long holes are playing really long and short holes obviously are short, but the thing is that the pins out there, what they're giving us out there are really tough.

Look at what they did at 7 and 8 today.  Couple short holes, but 7's one step and a half over the top of the ridge.  And 8's on the down slope a little bit.  And it's a pretty steep slope.  So they got some really tough ones out there.

17's right in the middle of the green, but it's on a swale or right between two knobs and it's 253.  They got some really good pins out there.  But as I said, if you put the ball in the right spots you got uphill putts and you can be really aggressive.

Q.  I think a lot of people thought this was your best chance at winning a major in a while.  How disappointed are you going into Sunday and not really have a chance now?

TIGER WOODS:  It certainly is frustrating.

At Augusta I was pretty close and I had the lead at one point and I hit that flag and ended up in the water.  This week I was cleaning up the rounds and I'm one shot off the lead starting the last day without any 3‑putts.  And I'm playing well enough to do it and unfortunately just haven't gotten it done.

Q.  Talk about being paired with Rory for the first three rounds.

TIGER WOODS:  First three rounds and then we played Wednesday together.  So we have seen each other just every day this week, seems like.  We both struggled today.  We both didn't get ourselves back in the tournament.  We did what we needed to do at the first hole and got off to a nice start.

He made a mistake at the second and I made a few mistakes on the front nine myself.

Q.  It came back to you at 6, was that an execution thing or did the course cause that?

TIGER WOODS:  6?  No, that was a little bit into the grain, I had to throw it up there and so I had to try and shallow it out and I did it too much.  It was a tough little shot and I felt that it wasn't necessary that shot, I think the 5 really turned my round around.  I drove it right in the middle of the fairway and I end up in a ball mark from somebody else's ball mark, so it was kind of the way it went.

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