Charl Schwartzel Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  The last two were obviously not the way you wanted to finish, but also probably two of the toughest holes on the golf course.  And when you look at that round, under par, you happy with it?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Yeah, I think whenever you shoot an under par on Saturday at the U.S. Open, you can't be too disappointed.

There's a few easy holes out there that you got to take advantage of, which I did.  And then you've got the hard ones, which are where you come in and finish on.  So you're going to get some and you're going to give some.  So anything under par is fantastic here.

Q.  How crucial is it to make birdies on 10 to 13, that stretch?  There's almost just as much pressure as trying to save par on the last five.

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It sure helps.  They're still hard holes.  You still got to hit some quality shots.  But if you do put yourself in position, you've got short irons in where you can get a lot closer and consequentially maybe make a birdie or two, which is nice to have in the bank.  Because you know you're going to face a few tough holes and it sort of makes those holes just a little bit easier if you've made some birdies.

Q.  Tomorrow, when you come to the 14 tee, you are going to be faced with five very difficult holes as you've experienced.  How would you best describe this finish from 14 through 18?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I don't want to look that deep into it as you just did.


Q.  But tomorrow if you're in contention, you will have to?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It is what it is.  It's the same for everyone.

Q.  As far as difficulty, how hard are they?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  I reckon if you can pull through it there in level par, if you're somewhere one or two off the lead or leading, you would be say worst case in a playoff or if you're tied or something if you play those few level, you would be pretty unlucky not to win.

Q.  How much of a grind do you think it's going to be tomorrow?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Obviously it's going to be a tough day, but every day has felt like that.  You're going to have to give every single shot all your attention.  There's no hole where you can sort of ease back and sort of freewheel a bit.  Every shot that you hit is really intense.  So it will be the same.  You've got to really stick in there tomorrow and try and hit the shots the best you can.

Q.  You've had success in a major championship and how much can you draw upon that going into a Sunday right there in contention, knowing that you've done it before?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It helps a lot to know that, as you said, I've got a Major under my belt, so I don't have to worry about getting the first one.  Obviously you want to get more and more and more, but that monkey is off the shoulder, so I can go ahead and concentrate on trying to finish off a golf tournament.

Q.  Once you've won one and tasted victory, does it make you even hungrier for another?

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  No, it is fantastic.

Q.  It's a good addiction.

CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  It really is.

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