Luke Donald Saturday (Third Round)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Q.  On 17 and 18, your tee shots, you pushed them right.  Is that just getting tired going down the stretch or are you just ‑‑

LUKE DONALD:  It might be a little bit of fatigue, but it was both yardages I had to get a little extra out of the 2‑iron.  And my poor swings is when I attack too hard from the top and I get out of sync and they go right.  And unfortunately those holes are playing tough.

I should have done better.  It was disappointing.  But I'll take the positives out of today, a really solid 16 holes of golf that I played and I'm only two back.

Q.  The fact that you ‑‑ you know, when you're in the lead and you get into that kind of trouble, you're still right there.  You're still right there.

LUKE DONALD:  I am, yeah.  I played a solid round today other than those last two holes.  Could have been even better.  Through 16 holes, I could have been 4‑ or 5‑under and really was playing as good a golf as I played for awhile.

Pretty much in control my ball and I'll forget about those two holes and carry on tomorrow.

Q.  Can you kind of sum up what makes those last five holes so difficult?  Is it a visual thing?

LUKE DONALD:  They're long.  I'm standing on 17 and it's 253 yards, I got to carry that ridge at about 240.  For me that's a lot, a huge big 2‑iron for me.

18 is 521 yards.  It's just, they're long holes.

Q.  Take us through the second shot there at 18.

LUKE DONALD:  Yeah, I had to carry 229, I think, to get to just over that false front.  Again, that's a good 2‑iron for me.  And I just went at it too hard from the top and that's my kind of miss at the moment is just to the right.

The rough has been tough this week, but I've never seen a lie like that.  It was unfortunate, I didn't deserve much better, I shouldn't have been over there, but if I had a decent lie, I probably would have had a putt for four.

Q.  You're obviously one of those players that people say should win a major championship the way you've played.  Do you feel that yourself?  And do you also feel that you're really in the prime where this is, where you should be taking majors?

LUKE DONALD:  Well, when you look at Phil, he started winning Majors around 34 or 35.  So I think that I have some time on my side, luckily, in this game.

Yeah, of course that's my goal.  I want to win majors.  I got to No. 1 in the world and I've won a great amount of tournaments around the world, but I would dearly love to win one of these.

Q.  How much of a grind do you think it's going to be tomorrow?

LUKE DONALD:  It's going to be tough.  Today was obviously slow.  I think the pace of play will be better tomorrow.  Obviously I don't know what we were in the end, it was five and a half something hours out there.  Twosomes, I think we'll get in a bit better rhythm in terms of pace of play.

But the course is only going to get tougher.  I think that I somewhere read this morning that they were going to set the course up today where it would be gettable.  I think that it probably was an April Fool's joke.  But it was tough out there.  There were not many easy pins.  A few pins that even in practice I wouldn't have dreamed they would put them there.  But it's the U.S. Open and that's kind of what you expect.

Q.  Any adjustments you got to make for tomorrow?

LUKE DONALD:  No adjustments.  Again, I feel like for the most part those last three rounds I've played some solid golf.  It's just going out there and trusting it.

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