Mike Weir Sunday

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Q.  There have not been too many under par rounds in this tournament.  You got one today.  And it was one that was just 1‑under par.  But you got the putter going a little bit?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, but I'm very pleased with that round.  It's tough to make putts out there even when you're close to the hole on the back side.  I had some close looks at it but from above the hole and you got to cozy those down there and hit good putts and you still have four or five feet coming back a lot of the time.  But I made some nice ones on the front nine and played very well.

Q.  After what you went through on Saturday, how much pressure did you feel out there on Saturday?

MIKE WEIR:  I was much more comfortable.  I hit most of the fairways, I got some good rest last night, got a good night's sleep and just got back to my routine.  And it was just a long day yesterday and maybe ran out of gas maybe a little bit during the end of the day or something, but today went much better.

Q.  Where would you say you are now in your way back?

MIKE WEIR:  80 percent.  Getting there for sure.  A lot of days it feels very good and I would say I qualified for this tournament, that day that was about the best ball striking I've had in a few years.  It was just really phenomenal ball striking.  I didn't putt very well, but really good ball striking.

And this week was a bit of a mixed bag.  But today it was much better and so hopefully it'll help me for next week.

Q.  You're going to keep playing?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, definitely.  I'll probably rest a couple days and get right back to it.

Q.  (No microphone.)

MIKE WEIR:  I feel healthier for sure.  The last few weeks it's felt much better.  I felt really confident coming in here and I just had a bad stretch, I guess.  Trying to think, because the Tournament was kind of broke up, but midway through the second round just into the third round, I just didn't play particularly well, but I played much better today.  Just got to put it all together.

Q.  Solid day, 1‑under 69, how proud are you of that, considering the conditions, how tough this track is?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, it's very difficult golf course.  I was hoping to go shoot under par today.  That was my goal, to be in the position I was in starting the day.  So very pleased with the round for sure.

And the greens are so difficult, so fast, they're the toughest greens I've ever played.  But it kind of just goes to show that we could play a 6900 yard golf course and make it very difficult and I think the USGA's done a phenomenal job.

Q.  The hole locations, I was looking at those, and they look really, really impossible today?

MIKE WEIR:  They're very difficult.  I had a couple putts that were inside 10, 15 feet, to kind of get really more under par, but I was above the hole and you're just putting defensively and hoping they creep in.  If not they go five or six feet by.  There's some really tough hole locations out there.

Q.  Can you attack anywhere on the course today?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, if you get the ball in the fairway on that stretch of holes from 7 through 10, you can attack those pins.

Even on No. 4, that par 5, front pin location, you get the ball in the fairway there, you can attack that one.  So there's a few spots out there you can attack.  But if you get off and you're in the rough, and then you're in big trouble.

Q.  Weather changes and the wind picks up later today, how tough is it going to be for the leaders?

MIKE WEIR:  It's going to be very difficult.  There's still a little bit of moisture in the greens and they were still as fast as greens that I putted that I can remember.  So if they get baked out a little bit, it's going to be interesting to watch on TV.

Q.  Great playing today.  Good to see you coming back and happy Father's Day?

MIKE WEIR:  You too.  Appreciate it.

Q.  You've been in this spot, to be in the hunt in the major, what is that like now for the guys that are going out?

MIKE WEIR:  Well, it's a tough spot to be in, but a spot you want to be in.  It's a real patience test out there because even when you hit good shots, you can't let your guard down at all.  Walking up the fairway to your ball, you look like you have a good birdie putt and you get up there and have 15 feet with five feet of break and you miss the hole, it's going five feet by.  So everything gets your attention all day out here.  So you have to not only be ready for the four and a half hours or so, but the conditions getting a little tougher, the greens drying out a little bit, it's going to be ‑‑ I think around the greens is where you'll see guys really have a tough time.

Q.  16, you made a good up and down there, it's kind of weird there with no people?

MIKE WEIR:  It's weird.  I hit a shot two or three feet there yesterday with an 8‑iron and I thought is that over the green?  And I went up there and it was this far (Indicating) from the hole and you can't see anything.

Q.  Same thing at 17?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, that's just a shot I want to forget there.  But a good four.  I was right in between clubs hitting a rescue club and I tried to play it back in my stance and a shrink draw a 4‑iron in there and obviously way overcooked that with the wind.  But still came back with two great shots on the last hole.  It would have been nice to sneak that one in.

Q.  (No Microphone.)

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, it was ‑‑ no, it was about four feet, five meet maybe.  It was probably five feet.  And just I thought it was straight down to where the low spot is.  It broke a lot.  I thought it was a straight putt, it went straight right.  Again, a putt you have to ‑‑ I'm hitting like about a six‑inch putt.  So to hit it, you have to hit it that softly and then once it starts breaking, it's done.

Q.  (No Microphone.)

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, that helps.  I felt like I had my legs today and my body felt like a lot better today than it did yesterday, that's for sure.

Q.  A couple days you were talking about having breakfast with the family of the kids near the locker room.  Did you have breakfast with them today?

MIKE WEIR:  Yeah, I did.  No, I was actually in there solo today.  I'll have to say too, the family is phenomenal to have those people over there to let us all in there and it was awesome.

Q.  Were the dogs there?

MIKE WEIR:  They were hanging outside.  But I love dogs.  I think it's a great thing.

Q.  You had the remote to yourself this morning?

MIKE WEIR:  I did.  I did.

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