Webb Simpson Sunday

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013



Q. (No Microphone.)

WEBB SIMPSON: I did what I thought I needed to do except I didn't a make any putts.

Q. You came off the course and said something to Phil. What did you say to him?

WEBB SIMPSON: I just told him to go out there and have fun and hopefully one of those guys can win it. But a lot of the guys at the top I know well and I'm not really pulling for anybody in particular. But I told them to go have a good day and hopefully they play well.

Q. Do players get caught up in the stories like Father's Day and your birthday?

WEBB SIMPSON: Not really. I don't think about it too much. I don't think many guys could have flown overnight and played as well as he did the first round, but I know it would mean a lot for him to win. I think this is the one that he really wants. So hopefully he plays well, and I think it's going to be tight until the end no matter what.

Q. (No Microphone.)

WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know. If it means anything. He's had five second place finishes here at the U.S. Open, so if he could win, he's gotten there five times before, but I think he's playing so well. I think he's hitting it so well. He's going to be tough to beat.

Q. What do you make of where we're at with slow play with the slow rounds out here?

WEBB SIMPSON: I think that it's hard to get around in a week like this when you got a golf course that's so hard, you got 150 players. We played really fast today, so I wish there was away to play twosomes every day because it seems like when we move to twos we always play quick. I think we played in like less than four hours.

Q. What about in the regular season though. Normal events.

WEBB SIMPSON: It's hard. I think what causes slow play most of the time is a ball out of bounds or looking for a ball, you're waiting for a ruling, and it's tough. The rules officials work hard to try to get it faster. But I think we have exhausted every resource and it's still pretty slow.

But I think guys just need to get used to that it's going to take five hours on Thursday, Friday and four hours on the weekend.

Q. Do you think that slow play is a bigger issue than anchoring?

WEBB SIMPSON: I don't really care about slow play.

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