David Hearn Sunday

Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013



Q. Nice way to finish up. A pretty solid 71 out there. How did it feel?

DAVID HEARN: Today I felt great. I got a nice rest after a long day. I came out, was swinging it well, hitting lots of fairways getting going. I gave myself a lot of chances today. I didn't capitalize on all of them, but overall pretty proud of the way I played today and a solid finish for the moment. So looking forward to a week off.

Q. Last three rounds here really were all pretty solid. Did you feel in control of your game?

DAVID HEARN: Absolutely. I've been playing great golf the last couple months. So my iron play has been really good and I've been hitting good tee shots, so everything's really coming together nicely for me.

I was talking to my caddie a little bit after the round today briefly here a minute ago, and we were saying we were 10 over through the first 21 holes, so I played pretty well after that and I'm proud of that.

Q. As difficult as this golf course is setup and the conditions are absolutely brutal, what can you take from your play here that you can use back on TOUR?

DAVID HEARN: Absolutely, this is the biggest stage of golf that we play, so it's a confidence for me to have a nice week like this. It's the first time that I've been in a position like this at a Major to have a nice finish and I'm proud of that. So looking forward to the next time I get the chance.

Q. (No Microphone.)

DAVID HEARN: Next week I'm off. I'll be back at the AT&T in two weeks, and I'll play maybe two or three in a row and then I'll take a little bit of time off for the baby. So I'm really looking forward to playing some good golf from here on out the rest of the year.

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