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Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

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Q. You're the low amateur on an incredibly difficult U.S. Open, just sum that up?

MICHAEL KIM: That feels awesome. I had a difficult ending, but the overall week it's just an unbelievable experience.

Q. Have you talked with anybody or heard from any friends, coaches, saying hey?

MICHAEL KIM: I heard a lot yesterday. I haven't turned my phone on or anything. I'm not sure yet. But I'm sure I'll get a few phone calls.

Q. How many texts are waiting for you now?

MICHAEL KIM: I don't know, we'll see.

Q. In your development towards becoming a professional, what can you take away from this experience?

MICHAEL KIM: Just my game isn't too far away, I think. I think I gained a lot of confidence from that. I met a ton of great players out here and just looking forward to what my future holds.

Q. What did you think of the way the USGA had Merion set up?

MICHAEL KIM: It was great. It was super hard, but the U.S. Open is known for being the toughest test. It was really hard but fun at the same time.

Q. What did you find the most challenging?

MICHAEL KIM: Just some of the tee shots, I know they moved them to make the OB into play. The rough, I talked to Geoff Ogilvy yesterday who said this is the worst I've seen it at an Open so far. I'm glad that he said that. This rough is pretty long and thick.

Q. Pins today?

MICHAEL KIM: Yeah, pins were pretty difficult. Any birdie that you had, you really earned out there. And it was a good test.

Q. Were there times you looked at those pins and said this is ridiculous?

MICHAEL KIM: Honestly a few college tournaments they actually set it up pretty close to this. They make it as hard as possible on the pins. And it's nothing I was too surprised about, for sure.

Q. Was there something specific? You mentioned playing with Geoff, and something that you were taking away from playing with a guy with so much Tour experience?

MICHAEL KIM: Not just Geoff, but I played with K.J. in the practice round. I played with Beau and Rickie. All those guys. It was awesome to play with those guys. And hopefully I'll be able to play with them a lot more later.

Q. What about the notion you mentioned yesterday about looking around and seeing those names on the leaderboard and knowing that your name was among them? Did you ever get over that or was it still one of those moments and you're saying wow?

MICHAEL KIM: No, I could have stared at that leaderboard for hours on end and wouldn't have stopped. It was pretty cool.

Q. Did you get a picture of it?

MICHAEL KIM: No, but my parents did.

Q. Will you frame that?

MICHAEL KIM: Maybe we will.

Q. How does this rank in your golf life?

MICHAEL KIM: The top two or three, for sure, to contend, however short it was at a major during the third round, I think, and also a little bit during the second. It's just an experience I'll never forget.

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