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Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

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Q. You had a couple of really nice saves on the back nine?

JASON DAY: Yeah, 16 and 17 were crucial saves. I hit a good shot on 17, it just  I think if it went a few more yards, it would have been pretty good. I hit it in nice and low, and I think it would have skipped up and not been too far away from the pin.

18, I hit a great bunker shot. Tried to go for the hole out and just went a little bit past, but hit a nice putt coming home. I didn't expect it to hang out on the lip so much. And unfortunately just lipped out. But very happy with how I handled myself today. I think I moved in the right direction with experience.

When I woke up this morning, I was very calm. It just felt right. I played some nice golf. Hit a lot of good quality shots. It's good to see Rosie on top. And I know that he played very well today and he deserves it.

Q. You were talking to Justin a couple of days ago, and he was talking about how he looks like Adam, he's a contemporary of Adam at that age, and it's the accumulation of your hard work and training but also the years of experience. Do you feel like this, and Congressional, as stepping stones toward that?

JASON DAY: Yeah, I think I've just got to keep putting myself in position to win. And I feel that my game is in a really good spot right now. I'm doing the right things. I'm doing the little things that count. I've been close so many times now in Majors, especially at a young age, which is nice. And you've got to understand that Scotty is in his young 30s and same with Rosie, I guess. I'm still 25. I turn 26 at the end of the year. I've got plenty of Majors to play in and hopefully I can keep doing the same as I'm doing, and hopefully win one soon.

Q. Do you feel it's inevitable? I know it's a big word.

JASON DAY: It totally depends on the play, totally depends on me. If I want it enough and I'm willing to do the hard work and practice and keep myself dedicated, I think it will happen. If I slack off and don't do the work then it won't happen. And that's just plain and simple. Every goal that I try and accomplish, it's all the process. Process, goals, turn into the big goals that you accomplish. And everyone knows that. I've just got to keep working hard and doing the little things right.

Q. Staying positive?

JASON DAY: Right. I think that I have to stay positive within myself. But I've got to look at it both ways and say what did I do great this week and what do I need to improve. We'll sit down after the week with my coach and my agent, my wife and my little boy, and we'll have a look at the week and see if we can get better from there. That's the only way we can move on is get better like that.

Q. Did you talk about your chip in on 11?

JASON DAY: A little bit, but I just talked to a gentleman before. I think talking about the momentum, maybe stalling a little bit. Actually I think it was actually opposite because up to that moment I was actually moving in the right direction. Then I kind of stumbled a little bit. But if I didn't get that up and down, I may have had a triple. I think it was a momentum save for myself. If there was ever a good bogey in a U.S. Open that was a good bogey, to chip that in and keep myself in the game was a very positive thing.

Q. Were you trying to chip in?

JASON DAY: Yes, I was trying to chip in. Trying to chip in on 11, and I holed a bunker shot on 18.

Q. Have you done much with Justin Rose?

JASON DAY: Only, I think, maybe a round or two, not too much.

Q. You've seen his swing?

JASON DAY: He swings the club very nicely. He hits the ball very solid. And that's pretty much, if there's a ball striker out there, Rosie is the guy that would probably win around a place like this, because he strikes it so well. Whether or not his short game comes along for the week, that's totally up to him. You see him at the top of the leaderboard. He's hit the ball nice and chipped and putted great.

Q. Justin is a guy people like?

JASON DAY: He's a good bloke. He's really a nice guy. He seems like a very happy guy on the course and off the course, got no worries, and that's the way it should be. We're all serious and stuff out here when we're playing tournaments, but he seems to enjoy himself and he's a great guy.

Q. There was talk about the course setting up for not big hitters. Now that you've had four rounds to look back on that, can you reflect on the course at all?

JASON DAY: I think it kind of  I mean, it favors a straight guy, the shorter guys, I think. For the big hitters, we don't have to hit the chief as much. We can just take it out and maybe hit a 3 wood or 2 iron, like I have, I think it worked out great. It's a tough old course. Merion is a good mix of short holes with long holes.

And at the start of the week everyone was talking about how they were going to rip the course up, and right now over par is winning. So I guess that shut everyone up.

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