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Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16, 2013

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Q. Discuss the day. How difficult was it trying to bring this thing home?

HUNTER MAHAN: It was hard. It was a difficult test. The pins were brutal. They're sitting on three to four degree slopes. So it was tough. I tried hard all day and had some opportunities, but just didn't make a few putts. But, man, it was brutal out there. It was tough finishing. But swung it pretty well, kept my composure, and keeping yourself in a good position, it's a good opportunity every time.

Q. You read to take the positives?

HUNTER MAHAN: I already have. It's already done. I played hard until the end and I can't be too disappointed with the results or too down on it. That's missing the whole point.

I played great. I tried hard. 17 was really tough because I thought I made a really good swing and it ended up in really an awkward spot. But that's golf.

Q. There were a lot of lead changes, were you watching the leaderboard?

HUNTER MAHAN: A little bit. But it was tough. There's no point when you're on the 5th or 6th hole. When you come around 16 or 17, you have no idea what it's going to be.

Q. What's the experience of playing in a final group of a Major?

HUNTER MAHAN: It's important. It's different than another event. It's not different from playing golf. You have to go out there and do it. But putting yourself out there and how you respond is important. Dealing with adrenaline and excitement, it's good to be there because every time you get back there again, you feel a little bit more calm. You know it's still golf. And it's still about hitting good shots.

Q. (Inaudible.)

HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, it's not fun on the last three there. Phil and I had great chances on 16, and none of us could make it.

17 was really tough because it seemed like the green was twice as slow as the other greens. I guess the rain really dampened it. I thought I hit a good pitch, and get over the hill, same as his, and just roll down there. But it was putting through glue. Not a very good position for making up shots.

Q. Phil talked about how you and him are really good friends, what are your feelings right now?

HUNTER MAHAN: He's a great leader, and being in golf you don't hear that word very often as a leader. But he's really a leader in the game and he takes his time out to talk to the young guys. He did it with myself at the Presidents Cup. He really relishes that role and enjoys it. He's a great guy to admire. He plays golf the right way, the right way you want your kids to play, and that's by having fun and acting right on the golf course. He's always great to play with.

Q. Was it nice to share that theater with him? It's work but it's theater, too?

HUNTER MAHAN: He's finished second six times. I've been there twice with him. It's a great experience because it's really unlike  I'm sure Stricker and Schwartzel had a good group. It's Phil and it's definitely the northeast, it's rowdy and it's different. I heard happy birthday probably 18 times today (laughter). Hopefully I won't wake up tonight screaming happy birthday. But it was fun.

Q. You have the same swing coach as Justin Rose, and you both have beautiful swings. What do you like about Justin's game?

HUNTER MAHAN: You know, I feel happy for Foley because some doubt his teaching and stuff, so I feel good for him. We had two guys up there trying to win a Major. Not a lot of teachers can say that. Justin is a really good guy. He's got loads of talent, a great game, a great work ethic. He's just one of those guys that had to keep plugging along, and keep trusting himself, more than anything else, just trust his abilities, because his abilities are really second to none.

Q. Does that give you encouragement?

HUNTER MAHAN: I stepped on the tee today knowing I was going to win, and left the 18th green knowing I could win. It's all good.

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