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Welcome to the 2013 U.S. Open Championship.

We at the USGA are thrilled to bring the 113th United States Open Championship to Merion Golf Club. Merion has a rich history of USGA championships, and this year it will host the U.S. Open for the fifth time. Though it has been 32 years since the 1981 U.S. Open was contested here, Merion's East Course has hosted at least one USGA championship in 11 consecutive decades. This U.S. Open is Merion's 18th USGA championship, more than any club in the country.

Merion's golf history is unmatched in the United States. It is where Bob Jones played both the first and last strokes of his competitive career, in the 1916 and 1930 U.S. Amateurs, completing his Grand Slam with a victory in the latter championship. Ben Hogan struck the iconic 1-iron shot on the 18th fairway that assured his place in the 1950 U.S. Open playoff, which he won by four strokes to cap his comeback from a horrific car crash. In 1971, Lee Trevino won his second U.S. Open by defeating Jack Nicklaus in a playoff, denying the Golden Bear a third U.S. Open victory - for one year, at least.

More than 9,000 golfers submit entries to the U.S. Open annually. They are among more than 35,000 golfers representing more than 80 countries who submit entries to play in our 13 national championships. More than 700 facilities around the country donate their courses for local and sectional qualifying competitions; with their help, the USGA is truly the home of national championships.

Merion's place in the game has long been assured, and it is poised to provide more memorable moments in 2013. We hope that you enjoy the U.S. Open, and we urge you to join us at another of our national championships this year. As always, thank you for your support of the USGA and our mission of honoring and giving back to the game of golf.


Glen D. Nager, President

United States Golf Association

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All times are EDT and schedules are subject to change. Starting times will be posted when available at www.usopen.com.

Pre-Championship Merchandise Opening at the Main Merchandise Pavilion

Thursday, June 6 through Sunday, June 9 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.). No ticket is necessary to enter the Main Merchandise Pavilion during these pre-championship hours. The golf course will be closed to the public.

Practice Rounds

Players will have the option of starting practice rounds at the first or 11th tee. Players electing to play a full round generally begin between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is typical for players to be on the golf course or practice areas until at least 7 p.m.

Monday, June 10 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Tuesday, June 11 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Wednesday, June 12 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Championship Rounds 1 and 2

Play is scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. from the first and 7:15 a.m. from the 11th tee. The last group will begin play at 2:42 p.m. from the first tee and 2:57 p.m. from the 11th tee.

Thursday, June 13 (first round) (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)
Friday, June 14 (second round) (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)

Championship Rounds 3 and 4

The first starting time will be determined by the number of players who make the cut at the conclusion of the second round (60 lowest scorers and anyone tying for 60th place). Generally, the first pairing begins play from the first tee between 8-9 a.m.; the last pairing for both days will start from the first tee at approximately 3 p.m.

Saturday, June 15 (third round) (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)
Sunday, June 16 (fourth round) (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)


If there is a tie for the low score after 72 holes, an 18-hole playoff will be held on Monday, June 17. The playoff will begin at approximately noon and finish at approximately 4 p.m. Gates will open at 9:30 a.m.

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1895 Club

The 1895 Club is an exclusive on-site, air-conditioned pavilion located at Haverford College, approximately 400 yards from the clubhouse parking lot area and 18th hole at Merion Golf Club. This all-inclusive ticket features breakfast, buffet lunch with hot entrees and afternoon snacks with full bar service. 1895 Club tickets are needed to access this tent. Junior tickets do not provide access into the 1895 Club, but tickets can be purchased for juniors to access the 1895 Club.

Hours of Operation:
June 10-16 (Monday through Sunday) 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Spectators should keep in mind that the players' first responsibility during U.S. Open week is to compete for the national championship. For this reason, a no-autograph policy is in effect on course throughout championship week. Spectators should not approach any player for an autograph from the time a player is en route to his first tee until the completion of his round. This policy applies to practice rounds as well as championship rounds.

Camera Policy

Cameras are only allowed on the championship grounds during practice rounds, Monday through Wednesday, and only for personal, non-commercial use. No photography is permitted in the presence of a player from the time he addresses the ball until the completion of his swing (i.e., when a marshal's arms are raised). Video recording is not permitted at any time.

Corporate Hospitality

The USGA provides a range of hospitality facilities for on-site corporate entertaining. Only the specific ticket for each corporate hospitality facility provides access into that facility. Children will also need the specific corporate hospitality ticket to gain access into corporate hospitality facilities since regular Junior tickets do not provide access. IBM Business Centers offering Internet access, printers, phone service, etc., will be available in all hospitality facilities. For information about corporate hospitality for future U.S. Opens, please visit www.usopen.com or contact MSG Promotions, Inc. at 484-223-3295.

Disabled Spectators

The USGA is committed to providing a positive and user-friendly experience for all spectators with disabilities and is pleased to provide the following services:

  • Accessible parking spaces for all vehicles having appropriate HD/DP license plates or placards will be reserved at all parking locations. Please see additional parking information under the Transportation section.
  • Our Disabled Services Committee will be on-site to assist disabled spectators with transportation to and from Disabled Services Headquarters and specific grandstand locations and facilities throughout the golf course via multi-person golf carts.
  • A number of motorized scooters will be available at Disabled Services Tents for spectators with disabilities on a first-come, first- served basis, compliments of the USGA and Pride Mobility.
  • A TDD will be available at the Disabled Services Headquarter Tent located at the U.S. Open Spectator Square.
  • Accessible restrooms will be available at portable restroom locations throughout the championship grounds.
  • Select concessions, merchandise tents, spectator experience areas and public phone facilities will be accessible.

First-Aid Stations

First-Aid Stations will be located at U.S. Open Spectator Square (16th tee), Gate 2 (right of hole 6), adjacent to the practice facility at the West Course and Haverford College. All first-aid stations will be staffed with emergency medical technicians and will serve as cooling stations in the event of extreme heat. Complimentary water will be provided in all first-aid locations. If a medical emergency arises, please notify a U.S. Open volunteer or USGA official.

Junior Tickets

Juniors age 12 and under receive complimentary tickets, on any day, when accompanied by a valid adult ticket or credential holder. These tickets will be available at the Will Call facilities and all admission gates. There is a two junior-ticket limit per adult ticket holder.

Juniors age 13 to 17 will be admitted at a reduced rate when accompanied by a valid adult ticket or credential holder. These tickets can be purchased at the Will Call facilities and all admission gates. Practice Rounds $15; Championship Rounds $35.

Please note that Junior tickets provide access into the Trophy Club when accompanied by an adult Trophy Club ticket holder but do not provide access into the 1895 Club or any USGA Corporate Hospitality facilities. However, 1895 Club tickets can be purchased for juniors to access the 1895 Club.

Lost and Found/Missing Persons

Any lost and found items or missing persons will be taken to the Lost and Found Office located in the Clubhouse parking lot.

Merchandise Pavilion

The Main Merchandise Pavilion, covering 24,000 square feet, will be located in U.S. Open Spectator Square, adjacent to the 16th tee. A variety of merchandise bearing the U.S. Open logo will be available for purchase, including caps, golf shirts, T-shirts, jackets, lanyards, lapel pins, golf balls, ballƒ-mark repair tools, ball-markers, towels and much, much more. Acceptable forms of payment are: U.S. dollars, traveler's checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and debit cards. Personal checks are not accepted. There will be two Satellite Merchandise tents: one will be located in the clubhouse parking lot and the other will be located adjacent to the 6th hole.

Hours of Operation:
Pre-Championship (Main Merchandise Pavilion only):
June 6-9 (Thursday through Sunday) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Main Merchandise Pavilion is open to the public on pre-championship days only. No tickets or credentials will be required to enter the Main Merchandise Pavilion during these days; however, the course will be closed to the public. Please follow directional signs for complimentary parking.

During Championship Week (Main Merchandise Pavilion and two Satellite Merchandise Tents):
June 10-16 (Monday through Sunday) 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Since the Main Merchandise Pavilion and Satellite Merchandise Tents are located on the championship grounds, you must have a U.S. Open ticket or credential to gain entry during championship week.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter of the U.S. Open and the USGA, designing and outfitting all USGA committee members, staff and volunteers at the U.S. Open. Visit the merchandise tents located at U.S. Open Spectator Square, the clubhouse parking lot and adjacent to the 6th hole, to see the variety of official U.S. Open merchandise designed with the timeless, iconic style of Ralph Lauren.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation with all the U.S. Open's security procedures. Spectators and other championship attendees will go through security screening prior to entering the championship grounds and will not be allowed to bring any of the items listed below. To expedite admission into the championship, it is recommended that all prohibited items are safely stowed prior to arriving at the championship.

Please be sure to read the following list of prohibited items carefully:

  • No Cell Phones (including any cell phones with photographic capabilities)
  • No PDAs, Tablets and/or other Portable E-mail Devices
  • No Noise Producing Electronic Devices (including MP3 Players)
  • No Cameras (other than Monday through Wednesday for personal photographic use only and without their cases, video recording is not permitted at any time)
  • No Bags larger than 8"W x 8"H x 8"D in their natural state
  • No Cases and/or Covers (such as chair or umbrella covers)
  • No Signs, Posters and/or Banners
  • No Televisions and/or Radios unless provided by the USGA
  • No Food and/or Beverages except for medical or infant needs
  • No Containers and/or Coolers except for medical or infant needs
  • No Pets (other than service animals)
  • No Lawn Chairs or Oversized Chairs (only portable compact chairs permitted)
  • No Bicycles inside admission areas or on the championship grounds
  • No Ladders and/or Step Stools or other similar items
  • No Metal-Spiked Golf Shoes
  • No Weapons (regardless of permit, including but not limited to firearms or knives)
  • No other items deemed unlawful or dangerous by the USGA and/or Championship Security Personnel, in their sole discretion.

Spectator Safety and Etiquette

If you observe the following guidelines, your experience at the U.S. Open will be a more enjoyable one:

  • Please stay behind gallery ropes and follow directions of championship marshals at all times.
  • Do not cross fairways except at designated crosswalk areas.
  • Be considerate of others and kneel or sit if you are in the front row of the gallery.
  • Stay quiet and stand still when players are about to hit or when instructed by marshals.
  • To ensure your safety at all times, walk carefully and never run.
  • The U.S. Open involves substantial walking on grassy hills, dirt paths and other uneven surfaces. Please wear appropriate footwear such as sneakers.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • Spectators will be subject to expulsion and the loss of ticket privileges for the following breach of etiquette:

    - Making rude, vulgar, or other inappropriate comments or gestures.

    - Verbal or physical harassment of players, volunteers, officials, or spectators.

    - Distracting a player or any disruption of play.

    - Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, unsafe, or illegal in nature.

    - Failing to follow the instructions of a championship official, volunteer, or security.

For more information on the 2013 U.S. Open spectator guidelines and for regular championship updates visit www.usopen.com.

Trophy Club

The Trophy Club is an exclusive on-site, air-conditioned pavilion with live U.S. Open coverage located at Haverford College, approximately 400 yards from the clubhouse parking area and the 18th hole at Merion Golf Club. Trophy Club tickets are needed to access this tent. However, Junior tickets do provide access when accompanied by an adult ticket holder. Food and beverage is available for purchase at an additional charge. Sample menu items include fruit, breakfast pastries and made-to-order breakfast sandwiches in the morning and fresh hand-sliced deli sandwiches, premium burgers and deluxe chicken and Philly cheese steak sandwiches in the afternoon. Coffee, soda, beer, wine and mixed drinks are available. Acceptable forms of payment are: U.S. dollars, traveler's checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Upscale, air-conditioned restrooms are conveniently located adjacent to the tent.

Hours of Operation
June 10-16 (Monday through Sunday) 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

USGA Member Clubhouse

Designed just for USGA Members, and located at the U.S. Open Spectator Square near the 16th tee and across from the Main Merchandise Pavilion, this facility will be a place to meet featured guests and take advantage of special Members-only offers and opportunities throughout the week of the championship.

Access is exclusive to USGA Members and their guests.

Hours of Operation
June 10-16 (Monday through Sunday) 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


To know the Rules is to truly enjoy the game. Please visit the USGA Member clubhouse to test your knowledge of the Rules.

U.S. Open Spectator Square

Please be sure to visit this exciting area by the 16th tee during the championship. The main Merchandise Pavilion will be located here along with the USGA Member Clubhouse, American Express Championship Experience, Lexus Performance Drive Pavilion, Chevron STEM Zone™and food court. All spectators are welcome to enjoy the activities and excitement this area offers.

American Express

Enhance your U.S. Open experience. Come visit the American Express Championship Experience for unique interactive fan enhancements and an insider's view of the USGA.


Visit the Chevron STEM Zone for a hands-on, educational experience that highlights the science and math behind the game of golf. Fans of all ages are encouraged to come by and experience a variety of interactive exhibits, showcasing an inside look at the USGA Research and Test Center and the making of a television broadcast.


Visit the Lexus Performance Drive Pavilion to witness the latest in the high-performance vehicle lineup. Check out the U.S. Open trophy, state-of-the-art interactive golf experiences, autograph signings and a chance to win a new Lexus.

U.S. Open Website and Mobile Products

The official website of the 113th U.S. Open Championship is usopen.com. Golf fans can catch all the action with real-time scoring, live HD video streaming and the best in news, course photos and statistics. Fans can also experience our national championship via mobile web (m.usopen.com) and U.S. Open mobile and tablet apps.

Wish you could play at Merion Golf Club? Play the Virtual U.S. Open and experience each hole just like this year's contestants. If you make the cut, you can qualify for a chance to win a trip to next year's U.S. Open and Women's Open Championships at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club.


As the official IT Partner of the USGA, IBM has helped the USGA create a world-class digital experience bringing fans closer to our national championship, wherever they are, whenever they want it!


Average June temperatures range from a high of 86 degrees to a low of 68 degrees. Please remember to wear sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

The USGA will have meteorology staff on site monitoring the possibility of inclement weather. If inclement weather is approaching, special "weather warning" signs such as the one to the left will be posted on leader boards around the course. When the sign appears, spectators are advised to take immediate precautions (including clearing grandstands) PRIOR to play being suspended. In the event of a weather warning, please avoid open areas, hilltops, high places, isolated trees, golf carts and wire fences. If play is suspended, indicated by one prolonged air-horn blast, please close your umbrella and seek shelter. In the event of a suspension of play, grandstands will be cleared immediately.

Will Call

Will Call facilities will be located on site for spectators to drop-off and pick-up tickets at primary admission gates. Photo identification will be required to pick up any tickets left at Will Call. Will Call facilities cannot be accessed by vehicles at any time.

Hours of Operation
Pre-Championship (Will Call at U.S. Open Spectator Square):
June 6-9 (Thursday through Sunday) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For parking, follow posted signs for the Pre-Championship Merchandise Opening.

During Championship Week:
June 10-16 (Monday through Sunday) 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Golf Course Map

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Thank you to our Partners

American ExpressAmerican Express and the USGA have been providing world-class service to golf fans since 2006. Through their interactive experience on site at the U.S. Open and support of key initiatives, American Express helps the USGA deliver one-of-a-kind opportunities for fans.

ChevronChevron and the USGA are committed to using golf as a way to inspire students and explain science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. Through this content platform and their Eagles for Education program, Chevron is partnering with the USGA to make a difference in STEM education.

IBMIBM provides the information technology to develop and host the U.S. Open's official website, www.usopen.com, as well as the U.S. Open mobile apps. They also provide the real-time scoring systems for the three U.S. Open championships. These highly responsive and innovative business solutions deliver outstanding service and market-leading technology to the USGA and its constituents.

LexusLexus is the USGA's automotive partner, providing vehicles for our national championships and select international and state competitions. Lexus also delivers engaging premium experiences both on-site and online for U.S. Open fans.

RolexRolex serves as the official timekeeper of the USGA and its championships. To keep up with play, Rolex clocks are placed strategically throughout the course for your convenience. Rolex also supports the USGA's efforts to encourage knowledge of the rules.

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By Car – IMPORTANT Parking Update

Weather conditions prior to and during U.S. Open Championship week have necessitated changes to spectator parking operations. Please visit this page for the latest updates.

By Public Transportation

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

SEPTA offers two convenient, comfortable, and safe transportation options for those attending the U.S. Open - Regional Rail and the Norristown High Speed Line.

Regional Rail

Take the Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail Line to Rosemont Station (Rosemont, Pa.). Customers using other SEPTA Regional Rail Lines can transfer to the Paoli Line at 30th St, Suburban, or Market East Stations. Complimentary shuttle bus transportation to and from the Rosemont Station and Merion Golf Club will be provided and should take approximately 10 minutes, depending on traffic. Spectators requiring an accessible station should take the Paoli/Thorndale Line to Radnor Station.

Please note: Spectators utilizing Regional Rail service to Rosemont Station will be required to cross a bridge and stairwells to access the course from the shuttle drop-off.

Norristown High Speed Line

Take the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) to Ardmore Avenue Station (Ardmore, Pa.). Customers can connect to the NHSL at 69th Street Transportation Center located in Upper Darby, Pa., or the Norristown Transportation Center located in Norristown, Pa. The Ardmore Avenue Station is within walking distance of the golf course. Follow the directional signs from the station to Gate 3 adjacent to the 12th hole.


Regular SEPTA fares will apply. Round trip Regional Rail tickets can be purchased in advance online at shop.septa.org, at a SEPTA Ticket Office (cash, credit, or debit) or on the train from the conductor (cash only). Spectators using the Norristown High Speed Line or traveling on more than one Regional Rail Line may purchase a One Day Independence Pass for added savings. Visit SEPTA at www.septa.org for complete, schedule, fare, and station location information or call Customer Service 215-580-7800. Questions regarding the U.S. Open should be directed to the Transportation Hotline at 800-698-0661.


Spectators attending the U.S. Open on Amtrak Northeast Corridor services will travel to the 30th Street Station located in Philadelphia, Pa., and connect to the SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail Line (mezzanine level of 30th Street) for travel to Rosemont Station. Customers traveling on the Harrisburg Line can connect to the SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale Line at Paoli Station. Board a train traveling towards Center City Philadelphia for service to Rosemont Station. Regular Amtrak and SEPTA fares will apply.

Passenger, Taxi or Limousine Drop-Off

Passenger, taxi or limousine drop-off will only be allowed at the designated area located on Hannum Drive in Ardmore, Pa. within a 5 - 10 minute walk of Gate 1 and the 18th hole. There is no parking or staging for vehicles, so please coordinate pickup times accordingly. Please follow directional signs and parking attendants to the appropriate pick-up and drop-off location. Due to traffic restrictions, access is limited to vehicles no larger than a 15-passenger van or limousine.


Spectators choosing to ride a bicycle to the championship are instructed to follow directions and signage to general spectator parking lots (RED Lot or BLUE Lot) or to the Passenger, Taxi, or Limo Drop-Off location on Hannum Drive. Bike racks will be provided to secure bikes at each location. Owners are responsible for security of their bicycles.

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2014 U.S. Open Championships

Next year's U.S. Open and U.S. Women's Open will be played on the same course in consecutive weeks for the first time in history at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club from June 9-22, 2014. Please visit www.usga.org or www.usopen.com for additional information.

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